Release Notes for Connected Business 21


Release Notes for Connected Business 21

Release Date: To Be Determined

Upgrade Considerations:

  • Biggest Technology Change Since Version 13
  • If You Had A Third-Party Developer Create A Custom ERP Plug-in For You, You Will Need To Have Them Re-Compile It In The New Version 20 SDK
  • Third Party Developers Will Need The Latest Versions Of Our Third Party Components
  • eCommerce Upgrade Requires Upgrading Skin And Inner Elements From Bootstrap 3 To 4

For those upgrading from version 19 and below and made customizations for the following forms:

  • Sale Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • RMA
  • Credit Memo
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Goods Received

You will need to re-arrange the layout of your customizations for them to operate properly.

General Changes, Improvements, and Fixes

New!  Added Google reCAPTCHA v3 in Connected Business eCommerce for the following pages:

  • Create Account (createaccount.aspx)
  • Lead Form (leadform.aspx)
  • Contact Us Form (contactus.aspx)
  • Case Form (customersupport.aspx)
  • Forgot Password (signin.aspx)

New! CartRover Connector additional features:

  • Added Option to assign customer and ship to class template per CartRover account and cart/order source
  • Added Option to assign default customer business type per CartRover account and cart/order source
  • Added Option to assign default Tax Service Exemption Type, Location, and transaction type
  • Added Option to set download order limit in every batch download
New! Entice Intergration
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New!  Ability to change customer for open sales order/Invoice
New!  Taxjar menu is now located in the Connectors Module
New!  Added Wishlist Button for product.matrixoptions.xml.config XML package
New!  Added Category Designer Options in Connected Business eCommerce WebManager
New!  Added Product Suggestions Topic Page
Improved! Fixed. CartRover Connector Patches for:
  • Order Date (It is now using the order date in CartRover and not the current date)
  • Ship Date (It is now using the ship date in CartRover and not the current date)
  • Alternate order value is missing the first 3 numbers of amazon order
  • Zip+4 code is saved in the postal code field and gives an error during shipment
  • Downloaded orders automatically add a shipment record
  • Core Edition Cartrover configuration error
Improved! Fixed. Running Taxjar job plan only sends or upload a few Transactions
Improved! Fixed. Clicking on save does not auto calculate tax in RMA or CREDIT
Improved! Fixed. No shopping cart order notification created and sent to Web Customer
Improved! Fixed. Currency Select List will not update the currency of the shopping cart
Improved! Fixed. Core Edition - Does not have a user role for job and email service manager
Improved! Fixed. Entering many items in an SO, you have to keep scrolling to the bottom after every item you enter
Improved! Fixed. Authorization entry from previously open customer shows up in another customer.
Improved! Fixed. BI reports repeat in list
Improved! Fixed. Items from Previously Viewed or Created Kit Show in New Kit Details
Improved! Fixed. Purchase Requisition Due Date Not Carrying Over in Purchase Order

The New Installer can be downloaded in the support portal downloads section or you may click on the link and login to your account to continue to download the installer.

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