Release Notes for Connected Business 20

Release Notes for Connected Business 20


Release Date: 2020-06-03


Upgrade Considerations:

  • Biggest Technology Change Since Version 13
  • If You Had A Third-Party Developer Create A Custom ERP Plug-in For You, You Will Need To Have Them Re-Compile It In The New Version 20 SDK
  • Third Party Developers Will Need The Latest Versions Of Our Third Party Components
  • eCommerce Upgrade Requires Upgrading Skin And Inner Elements From Bootstrap 3 To 4


New Features and Key Benefits


New!  Upgrade to the latest technology stack

  • Visual Studio 2019
  • NET Framework 4.7.2
  • DevExpress 19.2.6

New!  Layout Changes for Sales Quote, Order, Invoice, RMA, Credit Memo, Purchase Order, Purchase Requisition, and Goods Received Form
New!  Added Void option for UnPosted Supplier Goods Received (GRN)
New!  Added Void option for UnPosted Supplier Bill
New!  Implement QuickStart Wizard for Onboarding (Modern Menu)
New!  Add Sub Total per Group in the Search Grid across the board
New!  Show Video in Splash Screen when loading Connected Business Client
New!  Role-based Web Dashboard
New!  Dashboard Manager – Improvements
New!  CartRover Integration
New!  Connected Report Center stand-alone Installer
New!  Connected Sales (POS) stand-alone Installer
New!  Ability to auto generate UPC Code based on Item Preference
New!  Add Zoom In / Zoom Out toolbar button for grids that implements Page Up / Page Down
New!  Change Chart of Account Form Layout
New!  Adjust form sizes to fit high resolution monitors
New! Add Description 1 to 5 under the Inventory Item Web Option Tab
New! Add date fields to the Contact>Additional Tab
New! Optimize Getting Started AppConfig items
New!  Pin Label Options in Carrier Form
New!  Update default skin from Office 2013 to Office 2019 Colorful
New!  Modern look and feel of all the menus and forms
New!  Move all of eShopConnected to Connectors menu
New! Add “Channel” column to the order table as placeholder for the source of the order
New!  Add CartRover Registration Page on Setup Form


New!  Upgraded entire ecommerce modules from Bootstrap 3.x to 4.x
New!  Email template designer
New!  Website File Manager
New!  Advanced “Drag and Drop” content designer
New!  Advanced “Drag and Drop” content box designer
New!  WYSIWYG HTML Designer
New!  Advanced Content Creation / Editing With Up To 4 Design Methods
New!  Additional Fields Added To Product For More Flexible Page Design
New!  Basic QuickStart Setup
New!  Customer web access expiration date is defaulted to 12/31/2099
New!  Kit Items - Add image per item in kit options
New!  Show Country or Origin in the webstore Item page
New! Optimize Getting Started Web Manager Application Configuration items


New!  Show item image and default order quantity in the item search list for Quote, Sales Order, RMA, Invoice and Credit Memo transactions
New!  Taxjar Integration now calculate tax for website anonymous customer
New!  Add a shopping cart wish list and price drop notification tabs under the order form
New!  Add TIME to the Date From and Date To in Special Pricing under Customer Form
New!  Add source and channel in Find Sales Order and Find Invoice search dashboard

What's Improved


Improved! Fixed. Cart Rover Connector does not exist in a newly created company DB.
Improved! Fixed. Dashboard - Update Overview
Improved! Fixed. Default database connection always pointing to (LocalDB)\MSSQLLocalDB
Improved! Fixed. Remove default attribute values from a new company (Color, Size)
Improved! Fixed. Job Service Configuration
Improved! Fixed. Could not log in to the ISSIDEMOUS database and the message will pop-up in CB Local Edition.


Improved! Fixed. Taxjar does not calculate tax for website anonymous customer
Improved! Fixed. Set Default Value of AppConfig QuickAddress.Show to false
Improved! Fixed. Error in entering "websortorder" value
Improved! Fixed. Reset Web Cache does not actually reset the cache
Improved! Fixed. Apponfig MobileDeviceSupport Issue
Improved! Fixed. Kit Items - Add image per item in kit options
Improved! Fixed. Pricing does not always add up in Kit Items configurations
Improved! Fixed. Bundle with item detail popup XML package comes up with a blank page
Improved! Fixed. Not All Items Show in the Web Admin Portal. If Items Go Over 5000 Items, Web Portal Crashes
Improved! Fixed. Disable show on web checkbox from the Unit Measure grid under Item form when UOM is default
Improved! Fixed. Search Attribute Link Error on Redirect (CBE)
Improved! Fixed. Issue in Continue to Checkout
Improved! Fixed. Customer forgot password on website
Improved! Fixed. Search Attribute Link Error on Redirect


Improved! Fixed. Error on Activating or Deactivating Customer Credit Card
Improved! Fixed. Product Lookup in Sales Order/Invoice is not working
Improved! Fixed. Write Offs on Opening Balance
Improved! Fixed. Sales Order workflow is not changing after printing order picking ticket
Improved! Fixed. Item discounts and shipping rates were not carry over in RMA
Improved! Fixed. Write-off amounts does not generate any GL activity and throws AR out of balance
Improved! Fixed. TaxJar tax rates could not be edited or removed in Sales Order
Improved! Fixed. TaxJar error in adding Items in existing web Sales Order
Improved! Fixed. Opening balances showing incorrect amount in Financial Center
Improved! Fixed. Allow kit when creating drop ship order
Improved! Fixed. Tax Amount of Customer double up when creating an order
Improved! Fixed. Allocate value in Kit Items not correct - causing major issues in our stock availability


Improved! Fixed. Supplier bill & Tax summary
Improved! Fixed. Supplier - On Order Counts Becomes Negative if PO Was Opened Twice and Voided


Improved! Fixed. Could not sort parent category
Improved! Fixed. Item in Stock Quantity Not Correct
Improved! Fixed. Inventory Stock "On Order" is not correct
Improved! Fixed. Show Assembly Component tab if the selected item is Assembly Item


Improved! Fixed. Balance Sheet Balances (And P&L Accounts) Did Not Carry Forward or Close Out Correctly

Point of Sale

Improved! Fixed. Fixed create invoice with payment from POS API


The New Installer can be downloaded in the support portal downloads section or you may click on the link and login to your account to continue to download the installer.

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