Release Notes for Connected Business 20.1

Release Notes for Connected Business 20.1


Release Date: 2020-07-23


Upgrade Considerations:

  • Biggest Technology Change Since Version 13
  • If You Had A Third-Party Developer Create A Custom ERP Plug-in For You, You Will Need To Have Them Re-Compile It In The New Version 20 SDK
  • Third Party Developers Will Need The Latest Versions Of Our Third Party Components
  • eCommerce Upgrade Requires Upgrading Skin And Inner Elements From Bootstrap 3 To 4

General Changes, Improvements, and Fixes

New!  Local and TED Editions default database is blank
New!  CartRover/TaxJar Tax Exemption Type
New!  CartRover - Add new option in configuration under Order Source tab to select the source warehouse of the orders
New!  CartRover - Add the ability to create an invoice instead of an order
New!  CBE - Product Suggestions Topic Page
Improved! Fixed. Recent History in a Customer Profile not showing the correct documents
Improved! Fixed. Cannot convert Sales Quote to Sales Order due to the tax column "exceeds the maximum character allowed"
Improved! Fixed. Two forms open when using the search browser for an exact match
Improved! Fixed. Using the up & down arrows goes to the next line but doesn't stay in the same column
Improved! Fixed. Freight Quote Button makes SO unable to Save
Improved! Fixed. Error in creating a new user role
Improved! Fixed. Could not run Job Service or Automation manager
Improved! Fixed. CartRover Issues in downloading sales order
Improved! Fixed. Stock is not adjusting correctly when invoicing a KIT
Improved! Fixed. Show overlay form (loading) in find dashboard
Improved! Fixed. Load Optimization for major forms using web services (Quote, Order, Invoice, RMA, Credit memo, Customer, Payment, and Inventory Item form)
Improved! Fixed. "Server was unable to process request.--->Out of memory" when connecting to web services
Improved! Fixed. Newly open customer showing contact from the previous customer
Improved! Fixed. Downloaded skin thumbnail disappears in the Skin Manager after CBE Upgrade
Improved! Fixed. Modern menu not opening Report Center forms

The New Installer can be downloaded in the support portal downloads section or you may click on the link and login to your account to continue to download the installer.

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