Release Notes for Connected Business 19

Release Notes for Connected Business 19

Release Date: July 24, 2018

New Features and Key Benefits


New! Assign Location By Serial Item
New! XML Package "entity.simpleproductlist.xml.config" to show Product part number List
New! Web Menu Navigation


New! Connected Business UK Webstore UK ‘State’ Field Re-Labeled as Province

Content Management System (eCommerce)

NEW! Skin Builder




NEW! Menu Manager


New! Ability to Change Vat/Tax Code on Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoice, Credit Notes and RMAs Thru Added Customer Advance Preference, EnableTaxCodeDropDown

New! Monthly Filter Added to Credit/Receivables Coverage View
New! Added BillToEmail Column in the Print Invoice Dashboard
New! Added Email Field in Print invoice, Debtor Letter Run, Statement Run Wizard and Displays Specific Customers Who Have No Email Address

New! Connected Business UK Added View Which Shows Balance, OnSales Order, Total, Credit Limit and Ability to Search with Address


New! Entity Added in the Bank Reconciliation Form


New! EnableBankAccountDropdownForMultiLocation Is Added to Supplier Advanced Preference, Enables to Select Bank Account in Supplier Payment


New! Connected Business UK Replaced the UK Prefix with Company Country ISOCODE to Cater Vat Rates Difference for Ireland


New! Connected Business UK Discount Column is now included in Sales Day Book Customer Receipts Report
New! Connected Business UK Customer Address Moved Over to the Right by Adding 60 Padding to Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Credit Notes, Delivery Notes and Purchase Orders

Point of Sale

New! Open Cash Drawer Is Added in the POS Grid Menu

What's Improved


Improved! Fixed. Address Control, User Interface, Credit Card Payment and PayPal Payment Online Enhancement
Improved! Fixed. Notification of Out of Stock Items to User of Item Availability
Improved! FixedProduct Type Coupon Applying Only to One of the Products Only Instead of Coupon Applying to the Entire Order Itself.


Improved! Fixed. Connected Business UK No object preference error longer prompts when selecting CRM Calendar


Improved! Fixed. Unallocated Posted Receipt Total Is Now Adding Up in the Trading Info
Improved! Fixed. Connected Business UK Unposted Invoices and Sales Orders Balance Are Now Included in the Trading Info
Improved! Fixed. Connected Business UK Allocation of Transactions are Now the Same with US Allocation Process
Improved! Fixed. Email Address Alphanumeric Length was Extended to 100 Characters, and Can Be Used and Saved in Web Option
Improved! Fixed. Duplicated Statement of Account Report Are Now Showing in the Customer Form’s Send Statement Button.

Improved! Fixed. Connected Business UK EEC Sales List is Now Printing with the Necessary Information
Improved! Fixed. Duplicated Sales Quote is Now Getting the Exact Price and Description of the Original Sales Quote Regardless of the Current Price of the Item
Improved! Fixed. Connected Business UK Customer Profile’s Recent History Now Shows Correct Currency Sign
Improved! Fixed. Connected Business UK Print Dialog’s Print Invoice to File Shows the Invoice Number when Exported as Document
Improved! Fixed. Can Now Enter a Quote for a Matrix Item via Web Services
Improved! Fixed. Can Now Add Custom Fields to Find Customer
Improved! Fixed. Connected Business UK Intrastat Analysis Works Correctly
Improved! Fixed. System Now Automatically Allocate the Same Quantity in Both Sales Order and Sales Invoice Order Quantity
Improved! Fixed. Opening Balance in Creating New Company Wizard Is Now at the Bottom
Improved! Fixed. Payment Run And/Or Quick Payment Run Are Now Sorted By Supplier Name


Improved! Fixed. Cost Decimal Digits of Four (4) in Supplier Net Total
Improved! Fixed. Tax is Now Computed Correctly when Trying to Create the Debit Memo even if Default Tax Assigned was changed via Web Services
Improved! Fixed. Auto Purchases Wizard Can Now Be Filtered According To The Selected Supplier


Improved! Fixed. Inventory Stock Valuation and Accounting Retrospective Analysis’ Stock Valuation Figures are Now Matching
Improved! Fixed. Adding New Matrix Items to an Existing Matrix Group


Improved! Fixed. Connected Business UK Fixed GBP and EURO Cost after Decimal VAT Incorrectly Calculating both in Sales and Purchases
Improved! Fixed. Balances Stay Settled Without Checking or Unchecking Any Items


Improved! Fixed. Profit and Loss Report Now Prints Correctly

Report Center

Improved! Fixed. Printing Statement Run and Debtor Letter Run Thru Destination Email, Customer with No Email Will Now Display
Improved! Fixed. Connected Business UK Correct Currency Sign of GBP (£) and EURO (€) Are Now On Reports
Improved! Fixed. Max Row Can Now Be Adjusted in Bind To Form Filter

Connected Warehouse

Improved! Fixed.  Setup for Warehouse Man Role
Improved! Fixed. 'Missing Customer License Type Error' on the app login
Improved! Fixed. Connected Warehouse can now processed Partial Purchase Orders


Improved! Fixed. ‘Column ‘PatchVersion’ does not belong to table SystemVersion.’ Error on core application login

Import Manager

Improved! Fixed. Attribute Value Code lengthened to 100 Maximum for Importing System Attribute Template and Inventory Attribute Value Template.

Point of Sale

Improved! Fixed. Total Sales and Total Item Discount Are Now Applying Correctly
Improved! Fixed. Return Taxes are Now Calculating and Reflecting Correctly Both in the Item Grid and Receipt for Non Default POS Customer
Improved! Fixed. Completing a Return with Credit Card Now Correctly Registered Inside the Application
Improved! Fixed. X/Z Tapes Correctly Reflecting the Right Payment Methods for Sales, Tax and Return.
Improved! Fixed. Returns Now Allow User to Select Payment Option
Improved! Fixed. Can Now Process a Return and Refund on a Credit Card Payment in POS
Improved! Fixed. POS Sales Tax Now Correctly Calculating
Improved! Fixed. Shipping Method Can Now Be Selected and Calculation of Tax Is Now Based On Pick Up Shipping Method
Improved! Fixed. Non Taxable Wholesale Customer Now Gets the Right Tax Code On Transaction
Improved! Fixed. Tax Code Can Now Be Updated on Adding New Ship To Address
Improved! Fixed. Default POS Customer with Special Characters Are Now Displayed Correctly
Improved! Fixed. Return Now Includes Discounted Amount
Improved! Fixed. Manual Credit Card Screen Form No Longer Shows if Dejavoo Is Enabled
Improved! Fixed. POS Now Recognizing Declined Credit Card and No Longer Hangs Up or Grays Out The System
Improved! Fixed. Customer Created in POS Has Now Correct Tax Code in Ship To Details
Improved! Fixed. Creating New Customer or Changing Ship To Will No Longer Require An Email Address
Improved! Fixed. Ship To Can Now Be Edited in the POS

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