Release Notes for Connected Business 19.2

Release Notes for Connected Business 19.2


Release Date: 2019-09-18

General Changes, Improvements and Fixes

New!  Brandwise Integration – Downloading of orders from brandwise and Uploading of Products, Customers and Orders.


New!  Shopping cart (CBE) abandoned cart reminder


New! Ability to “View Payments” in the invoice form if the payment wasn’t entered on the sales order or invoice form.
New! Connectors Menu for 3rd Part Integration
New! Attribute Filter
New! Added tax number field to supplier setup tab


Improved! Fixed! Kit Item User Interface


Improved! Fixed. TaxJar - Tax Calculation for Categories
Improved! Fixed. Taxjar - Product Upload does not work if the filter criteria is empty
Improved! Fixed. Creating payment run for partially allocated supplier Bill does not work.
Improved! Fixed. Invoice Field when entering a bill gives duplicate error
Improved! Fixed. Support Import Manager using web service
Improved! Fixed. Cannot Send Statement after upgrade to CB19
Improved! Fixed. Generating New Fiscal Year does not update Invoices posted into "Unspecified" period
Improved! Fixed. Inventory Adjustment does not update “InventoryStockTotal” Table correctly
Improved! Fixed. Kit Shelving units are not taken correctly out of stock since CB19 upgrade
Improved! Fixed. Pre-packed and oversized Items are only looking for allocated quantity and not based on the setting within the shipping configuration.
Improved! Fixed. Search for word axles will give an error
Improved! Fixed. Unable to setup Email Service
Improved! Fixed. Connected Business Bootstrap Installer
Improved! Fixed. Issue in Category sorting - Items on the lists were tripled
Improved! Fixed. Implement LocalDB\MSSQLLocalDB on web service caching
Improved! Fixed. Change POS Web Services Logo
Improved! Fixed. Items in Category won't re-sort
Improved! Fixed. Shopping Cart (CBE) Change password not working
Improved! Fixed. Modern Menu - Report Center Form Not Opening
Improved! Fixed. Job Service Error and stop running
Improved! Fixed. Import Manager, Customer Detail, does not respect the value in column BusinessType
Improved! Fixed. Cannot import Item Supplier. CB 19.1.7031
Improved! Fixed. Re-activate uploading of images for eCommerce in CB Apps
Improved! Fixed. Search Manager, Remove Unneeded Tabs
Improved! Fixed. Import List is intermittently not displaying
Improved! Fixed. Live Chat Database Connection Line is not sql authentication
Improved! Fixed. Shopping cart (CBE) - Hide Quick Address Api Key Notification
Improved! Fixed. Adding bundle with matrix group as its component in Order
Improved! Fixed. Bundle Configurator - Hide Free Stock , UM, Pricing, Sales Price Column
Improved! Fixed.  Manage Audit Trail Disabled
The New Installer can be downloaded in the support portal downloads section or you may click on the link and login to your account to continue download the installer.

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