Release Notes for Connected Business (Service Pack)

Release Notes for Connected Business (Service Pack)
Release Date: 04-28-2015

What’s Improved


    • Improved! Fixed product filtering error
    • Improved! Enabled Kit Item sorting order based on user preference.
    • Improved! Fixed kit item price computation on shopping cart
    • Improved! Corrected shipping method list assigned for anonymous user
    • Improved! Corrected code for open invoices as displayed on the webstore.
    • Improved! Fixed option to duplicate item on shopping cart.
    • Improved! Fixed retrieval of available stock count in mobile version. This affects Google Chrome used through the iPod touch or iPhone.
    • Improved! Optimized synchronization of web images.
    • Improved! Free Shipping Threshold now processes discounted item amount instead of the original retail amount.
    • Improved! Fixed error generated by changed Customer password when shopping from the web store.
    • Improved! Addressed formatting issues within the WYSIWYG editor for the web store.
    • Improved! Removed redundant text displayed under Web Description.


    • Improved! Activity time no longer changes when Opportunity column is changed.
    • Improved! Fixed error when changing activity duration time.


    • Improved! Serial/Lot number no longer missing in saved invoice transaction.
    • Improved! Tax report no longer show voided invoices.
    • Improved! Sales Order Transaction saving is now fixed.
    • Improved! Fixed calculation issue for Freight amount when converting to SO. Now the SO no longer assigns Freight amount based on the handling fee.
    • Improved! Fixed issued that prevent you from converting the Invoice into RMA.
    • Improved! Sales Orders with active shipping labels are prevented from being voided. When the action is attempted, a prompt appears with the message: "Cannot void sales order that has an active shipment. Please void the shipment record to void the order."
    • Improved! The Order forms now show the Contact Full Name as the Default Contact instead of the Contact Entity if the two fields are different.
    • Improved! Fixed the discrepancy between the Available Credits and Outstanding Balance when attempting to Apply Credits.
    • Improved! CustomerTransactionReceipt now automatically updates when an Invoice with applied Payment or Credit Memo is posted.
    • Improved! Fixed error when converting Sales Quote to Sales Order.
    • Improved! Invoices that have been previously converted to RMA can be Voided.
    • Improved! Fixed discrepancy that prevents Customer Receipts from being posted and allocated to the right Invoice.
    • Improved! Fixed error that prevents a Sales Order that originated as a Quote from being converted into an Invoice.


    • Improved! Enabled printing international shipment label through the Shipment form.
    • Improved! Corrected the object reference setting for completing the Shipment form.
    • Improved! Fixed the error that occurs when modifying the details of the shipping method.
    • Improved! Enabled the merge field in the fax/email template for Shipping Notification Report.
    • Improved! System now prevents the generation of shipment if the SO or Invoice contains drop ship items only.
    • Improved! Fixed object reference error when creating package using Manual Carrier.
    • Improved! Enabled the ability to print labels with or without international document.
    • Improved! Shipment Notification email now contains Tracking Number.


    • Improved! Corrected currency settings and formatting as displayed in Report Center.
    • Improved! Disabled editing of Tax Code assigned under Freight and Other for Requisition / GRN / PO / Return forms marked Voided, Posted or Undo.
    • Improved! Accurate pie chart generation for Aged Credit tab.
    • Improved! Addressed issue in the GRN form that erases the total cost of the latest saved transaction.
    • Improved! Corrected issue in Bill form that leads to calculated GST tax for only one quantity.
    • Improved! Corrected invalid value for Quick Payment and Process Suggested Payments forms.
    • Improved! Fixed Tax Rates calculation for settings with more than two decimal places.
    • Improved! Corrected SET settings for receiving items from within the PO form.
    • Improved! Enabled the Complete Order button when total received quantity is greater than or equal to total quantity ordered, while the order is in partial status
    • Improved! Corrected the amount billed in Quick Payment or Payment Run when the settlement date is passed. The terms used are 30 with 2 discounts in 7 days.
    • Improved! Corrected the computation of the Quantity to Order in auto-generate PO using reorder points. This action occurs when changing the Days to Stock and Lead Time
    • Improved! Fixed issue that occurs when you auto-generate a purchase order if Days of Stock is zero.
    • Improved! Fixed the issue when printing a purchase order with additional items.
    • Improved! Fixed the Data Concurrency issue when allocating payment to bill.
    • Improved! Corrected the calculation of the tax amount when the order quantity is more than 1.
    • Improved! Show the correct contact name when creating drop ship and special orders.
    • Improved! Fixed the issue that occurs when changing the date in the payment run.
    • Improved! Inactive warehouses are hidden from view on the Ship To dropdown menu of the Purchase Order.


    • Improved! Image Editor for constrained proportion now working.
    • Improved! Reconciled unit selling price and net unit selling price to prevent discrepancy.
    • Improved profit analysis calculations for reports with a set date range.
    • Improved! Enabled item search based on ItemDescription.
    • Improved! Fixed issue when updating the cost of the item per supplier when using the product update wizard.
    • Improved! Message prompt displayed in the update item wizard log file when you reach the character limit of the Web Summary and Web Description columns.
    • Improved! Fixed issue when saving the Web Description of category.
    • Improved! CB gets the correct average cost of assembly items.
    • Improved! Enabled the action that allows custom fields to be added in inventory attribute form.


    • Improved! Reconciled balance and sum of Current and 120+ Days transactions when performing Aged Accounts Receivable Analysis.
    • Improved! Viewed account details in Financial Reports match the account transaction totals.
    • Improved! Reconciliation form now displays Fund Transfers entered for current month.

System Manager

    • Improved! Connected Business Import Manager for Customer records no longer accepts empty string value.


    • Improved! Fixed error message stating invalid column names for User Accounts.

Connected Warehouse

    • Improved! Fixed items that are shown twice when receiving.
    • Improved! Set needed shipping configuration such as the image type when using the provider Endicia. Created shipments are also deleted when shipping fails.
    • Improved! Fixed the error that generates the message, ‘Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row’ when scanning an item in Pick.
    • Improved! Sorted items by bin location when picking orders.

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