Release Notes for Connected Business 13.2

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.2
Release Date: 05-31-2013

New Features

Connected Sale

    • Mobile

      Please note that Connected Sale 13.2 app for iPad does not support backwards compatibility. Once the updates are installed, you cannot revert to an older version. It is recommended that before installing any updates from the App Store, make sure that your Connected Business database and Connected Sale for iPad application has the same version. Backwards compatibility will be supported in future versions of Connected Sale for iPad after this release.

      • New! Support for Serial and Lot numbers now added.
      • New! Support for Credit Card Voice Authorization now added.
      • New! Added Secondary Display.
      • New! Added Manage Customers functionality.
      • New! Added Manager User Accounts functionality.
      • New! Added Manage Products functionality.
      • New! Added Manager Category’s functionality.
      • New! Added Manage Departments functionality.
      • New! Added Manage Units of Measure functionality.
      • New! Added Receive Stocks functionality.
      • New! Added ability to create opening balance.
      • New! Added ability to create stock adjustments.
    • Desktop
      • New! Support for secondary display now added (requires the Connected Sale Mobile as the second display).

System Manager

    • New! New user role called "User" for Connected Sale Standalone.


    • New! Bulk printing of shipment labels for single line item and prepackaged items now supported.


Connected Sale

    • Mobile
      • Improved! Added more fields to cater more information for credit card payments.
      • Improved! Card reference number field for refund transactions is now added.

Report Center

    • Improved! Added Check Stub Report (Quickbooks Format).

What's Improved


    • Improved! Anonymous customers no longer have to go to the login page when editing the Billing or Shipping Address.
    • Improved! Multiple word entry on the search bar is now optimized when searching for a product on the website.
    • Improved! Shopping cart button is now updated after adding featured item to cart from the home page.
    • Improved! Shipping rates now display the correct freight rate in the website when selecting UPS Standard Shipping Method.
    • Improved! Shopping Cart page rendering errors are now fixed.
    • Improved! Receipts can now be opened after the order is confirmed.
    • Improved! Website mobile version can now be turned off when you want your customers to view the full website.
    • Improved! Adding an item to the shopping cart page using the database and web folder client is now allowed.
    • Improved! Corrected the page layout for product page image and description.
    • Improved! Items set as featured are now added on the Features Item list.
    • Improved! Resetting web cache on an item form is now working.
    • Improved! Kit Details are now set up properly according to the defined configuration.
    • Improved! eCommerce topics will now be updated when upgrading the software.
    • Improved! You can now authorize transactions on credit card payments.
    • Improved! After logging in the web page, items are now retained in the shopping cart.
    • Improved! Error 404 redirect is now working on topics that do not exist.
    • Improved! Uploading image in the image editor can now be saved.


    • Improved! New case can now be created from the Contact form.


    • Improved! Gateway plugins are no longer removed after upgrading to CB 13.1.2.
    • Improved! Items with special order pop-up can now be added to sales quote.
    • Improved! View imported customer detail with specified price list.
    • Improved! New payment can now be added when an existing credit card payment is declined or not yet authorized.
    • Improved! Advanced preference “Auto Allocate Stock On Order Entry” is now added to stop auto allocation during order entry when desired.
    • Improved! Freight Quote button is now enabled on web order and added prompt message "This is a web order transaction. Do you want to override the freight quote?" upon clicking the button.
    • Improved! Customer discount now takes effect on invoice.
    • Improved!The reservation on SO side now gets cleared when you set the received quantity on GRN to Zero and the option to allow back order is unchecked.


    • Improved! Insured value will never be blank when processing multi package shipments.
    • Improved! Tabbing forward function in the Shipment window now working.


    • Improved! Debit memo will not be posted if the SRMA transaction is still open.
    • Improved! New GRN can now be created from New GRN > Available Purchase Orders menu right after processing the prior PO to Bill.
    • Improved! Average cost now updated on items with 0 cost.


    • Improved! Supplier part code can now be edited in the Item Detail Window.
    • Improved! Fail-safe is now added in the code of Item window to avoid blank screen.
    • Improved! Attributes can now be added to categories and matrix group attributes can be copied to matrix items when saving.
    • Improved! Special Order Popup will not crash when deleting existing column in setup.
    • Improved! System will not crash during upgrade even when SystemCategory is more than 30 characters.
    • Improved! Updated the view that shows Item information to convey the correct value of Quantity In-stock and other zone.


    • Improved! Able to create write off for customers with special characters in customer name.
    • Improved! Corrected the computation of "Days Overdue" under the Retrospective Report named "Aged AR Analysis - Doc Date (value in Base).

System Manager

    • Improved! Deleted tabs can now be re-added in the Custom Search Editor form.

Solid Commerce

    • Improved! Validation is added when saving criteria for Upload items and Upload Item Free Stock/Cost job plugins.

Report Center

    • Improved! Custom plugin can now be binded to report using the Bind To form.
    • Improved! Payment computation is now corrected for printing checks.
    • Improved! Removed company information and company logo when printing internal reports.
    • Improved! Custom report changes can now be saved.
    • Improved! Standard Invoice Document and Custom Invoice Document are no longer removed after upgrading.
    • Improved! Optimized loading of reports in forms when report has entry in the User Role.
    • Improved! Transactions date are now included in Transaction reports.
    • Improved! Corrected debit memo report layout.
    • Improved! Customer report layout no longer overwrites the System Invoice report layout.
    • Improved! Corrected currency symbol on Delivery Note report.


    • Improved! Updated live chat url in the Connected Business installer.

Upgrade Considerations

Woohaa! Data Caching Upon Login Using the Included DemoUS Database

    • Upon signing-in to the installed DemoUS database the first time, a cache database is automatically created to store standard data from the Woohaa! Server (since the DemoUS database is pre-enrolled to Woohaa!). You may encounter a caching error when logging-in the first time from a client machine since the system does not allow the creation of cache database remotely

      Workaround: You need to create the cache database manually using the included DBMC. After creating the cache database, you should be able to login to the DemoUS Company.

Woohaa! User Validation

    • For cloud customers, you will notice that it takes a while to sign-in using the installed DemoUS database. This is due to the Woohaa! Connection service that validates the user upon logging-in. You may contact our Support Team to disable the system from connecting to the internet to validate users. Note: FOR INSTALLED DEMOUS ONLY.

Known Issues and Limitations

Connected Sale

    • Preference for computing tax after deducting discount is not yet supported.
      Tax is still being applied in receipt for Service and Nonstock items when Tax by Location is turned on. It only occurs if the selected customer has tax setup.

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