Release Notes for Connected Business 13.2.3 (Service Pack)

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.2.3 (Service Pack)
Release Date: 10-02-2013


What's Improved

Memory leaks have been addressed in this release.


    • Improved! Google Analytics now uses the latest API to display the visitors graph in the website admin page.
    • Improved! Option item is still displayed to anonymous users even if it has been added to cart by other anonymous user.
    • Improved! Item images displays in the website admin page.
    • Improved! Added validation for processing orders when same account is opened in multiple browsers during checkout.


    •  Improved! Due Date and Duration in the Activity form now shows correct values.


To restore the gateway plugins which were lost in previous upgrade, just manually register the database after the upgrade.

    • Improved computation of coupon discount when item is a kit and UM quantity is greater than one.
    • Improved rounding of decimal where the digit after the digit to the nearest place is 5. (E.g. Before 48.965 is rounded to 48.96, now it is rounded to 48.97.)
    • Improved editing of payment created on SO/Invoice to prevent discrepancy in balance when payment type is changed.
    • Improved so that no discount is applied automatically when allocating credit memo to invoice.
    • Improved to display shipping date on order acknowledgment and other related reports.
    • Improved Customer Analysis tab data consistency.


    • Improved invoice creation from shipment window to show correct shipped quantity when there is a back order quantity.
    • Improved to display contact name when ship-to contact is assigned on the order.
    • Improved to display contact name on USPS label.


    • Improved! Supplier Opening Balance now uses default account setup.


    • Improved! Item Analysis now shows the correct profit values.
    • Improved Data verifier for different unit measure calculation.
    • Improved! Image editor now shows clear image for items uploaded in the webstore.


    • Improved VAT Return data filtering.
    • Improved! Journal Form "Save & New" option no longer duplicates entry.
    • Improved Sorting of journal entries under accounts transaction Report.

System Manager

    • Improved! Import Manager now has the capability to update Unit of Measure ONLY for existing records.
    • Improved speed for data dictionary customization.


    • Added Void label to checks of system check reports when a single payment exceeds more than 1 page.

Connected Sale

    • Desktop
      • Improved! Added support up to 3-character currency symbol on POS Total screen.
    • Mobile
      • Improved! Ipad POS now shows full item description.
      • Improved! POS Category now displays the category description instead of the category code.

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