Release Notes for Connected Business 13.2.1

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.2.1
Release Date: 07-02-2013

Additional minimum requirements:

* Browser: IE 9
* Operating System: Windows Vista

For more information, please refer to System Requirements.

New Features


    • New! Added Follow Up Form where sales rep can access and manage all of their activities in just one form.


    • New! Added the ability read the DYMO Portable Digital USB Shipping Scale into the Shipment Form for determining the weight or mass of an object.
    • New! Added the ability to allow usage of customer's carrier account number when shipping packages.

Connected Sale

    • Mobile
      • New! Added ability to create new and edit existing customer contacts.

New! Woohaa! (BETA)

Introducing Woohaa! A network of infinite possibilities for retailers and suppliers, helping you expand and grow your business in a revolutionary way. A paradigm-shift solution that leverages mostly on the power of internet which creates an interactive environment to easily connect suppliers, retailers and consumers in ways never before possible! For more info, please visit


    • Supplier
      • Publish company cover image in the Woohaa! Supplier Portal.
      • Catalog support for CBE website.
      • Publish products with complete details from images to pricing.
      • Forward Option for existing customers.
      • Full transaction integration from Sales Order to Invoice.
      • Shipment integration for drop ship orders.
      • 360° View of transactions from the web and Connected Business backend.
      • Merchant web console with live chat support from our Woohaa! Support team.
      • And more!
    • Retailer
      • Connect with new suppliers from the Woohaa Supplier Portal.
      • Download products from subscribed suppliers with complete details from images to pricing.
      • Download options include markup and threshold for item visibility on the website.
      • Full transaction integration from Purchasing to Billing.
      • Shipment integration for drop ship orders.
      • 360° View of transactions from the web and Connected Business backend.
      • Merchant web console with live chat support from our Woohaa! Support team.
      • And more!

* If the Woohaa website in the Woohaa module of Connected Business does not load properly, refer to this Wooha! link.

**The DemoUS database is already pre-enrolled to Woohaa!. Prior to signing in, the application will automatically create a cache database as part of the Woohaa! functionality. You may experience system lag during the first sign-in but will return to normal pace on the succeeding sign-ins.



    • Improved! Area code now included in the Phone Number Textbox to allow customers from different countries to enter any phone number format.
    • Improved! Subscription on Account Registration now set to TRUE as default.
    • Improved! Web Option tab now hidden from the Ship To form.
    • Improved! Updated CBE to always show exclusive items on top of the item list.
    • Improved! Added MobileDeviceSupport appconfig to enable or disable website mobile version.


    • Improved! Unique Check Number Validation function now added.


    • Improved! Applied Odd Even Visual Style on reports with table detail band.
    • Improved! Added Pulldownlist to be applied on all primary key filters in all reports.

Connected Sale

    • Mobile
      • Improved! Backwards Compatibility now supported in CB 13.2 onwards.
    • Desktop
      • Improved! Added support for Encrypted Credit Card.

Solid Commerce

      • Improved! CB Item Name is now mapped to SC SKU and Warehouse Id, and CB Item Description to SC Product Name.
      • Improved! You can now specify the default sales account to be used when recording discount from SC order during downloading of orders. Default sales discount account should be set under Accounting>Setup>Default Account>Receivables when giving discount.
      • Improved! You can now set the specific SC Warehouse as the source of free stock of market list product. The setting is used during uploading of products when adding product to market list. If a job plan for Upload Items already exists, cancel the plan then create new plan with the same setting and specify the warehouse for the marketplace.

What's Improved


        • Improved! Updated DateTime format for UK when adding items to cart.
        • Improved search script to return correct Category ID if there are duplicates.
        • Improved! Added maxJsonLength on web.config to handle character limit for items with long description.
        • Improved! Registration text on createaccount.aspx disappears upon entering data in IE browser.
        • Improved! Updated logic to show shipping options on onepage checkout for anonymous customers.
        • Improved redirect logic when using PayPal express and if customer selected multiple shipping address during checkout.
        • Improved! Removed javascript alert when page is still loading.
        • Improved! Updated PayPal express redirection on minicart.
        • Improved! Added checking for proper tax computation during checkout.
        • Improved! Added validation to hide Checkout Option Items when discontinued.
        • Improved! Added validation to restrict customer from accessing product page.


        • Improved! SMTP "Using Log on" credentials now enabled.


        • Improved! Ship date on line item can now be changed on drop ship SO when PO is already created.
        • Improved! Tax data is now being loaded when posting invoice from Invoice>Post Invoice
        • Improved! 3D Secure can now be enabled when processing payment through SagePay.
        • Improved the code in the conversion to successfully create and save credit memo.
        • Improved! Credit card payment using card on file now follows the setting of Deposited flag in payment type.
        • Improved stock allocation performance on Allocate Free Stock Routine.
        • Improved! Enhanced stock allocation to correctly allocate stock when kit configuration is modified and the sales order is converted from quote.
        • Improved tax calculation when BKO is being generated when posting invoice.
        • Improved conversion of order to invoice when the order has multiple locations.
        • Improved calculation with fixed amount coupon.


        • Improved! Enhanced tabbing on Carrier Detail form on Shipping Method window.


        • Improved! Clear All button on Goods Received window now sets all quantity to Zero when at least one quantity is not Zero.
        • Improved! Space in Invoice field Bill is now eliminated.
        • Improved! Potential discount can now be applied when amount paid is exact with amount due.
        • Improved! Supplier refund now has its own document template for printing report.
        • Improved! DB upgrade now sets existing POs to allow back order if the flag is not yet manually changed.
        • Improved! Due date on line item of partially received PO can now be changed.
        • Improved code to ensure that On PO quantity will not get negative when quantity received on GRN is modified.
        • Improved code to avoid amount discrepancy between supplier payment and journal.


        • Improved! Activating matrix group now also activates child matrix items.
        • Improved code to prevent error when changing transaction type on item ledger filter.
        • Improved tabbing on Pricing page on Item detail window.


        • Improved! Assigning period to Unposted journal entries with custom field now working.
        • Improved! End of Month filter for different regional settings now working.
        • Improved Referencing Income statement to Balance Sheet under financial layout option.


        • Improved! Updated debit memo report layout.
        • Improved! Added filtering to report data source to eliminate duplicate data when printing reports.
        • Improved! Report can now be linked to data object.
        • Improved! All labels can now be printed in one printer.

Connected Sale

        • Desktop
          • Improved! Updated POS to display category description instead of category code.


        • Improved! SQL Add-In Option now available in CB13.


        • Improved! Bill can now be saved and posted even when the exchange rate has been modified.

Know Issues and Limitations

Solid Commerce

        • Changing the mapping of SC SKU to Connected Business (CB) Item Name introduced a limitation. SC uses SKU to check for existing product when uploading products. Item Name in CB is editable. When a product is already uploaded and its Item Name has been edited afterward, succeeding upload will create new product on SC. Because of this, avoid changing Item Name on CB after product has been uploaded. In addition, if SKU of uploaded product needs to be corrected, the product already uploaded to SC should be deleted first then upload the product with correct SKU.
        • Less Than (<) and Ampersand(&) symbols should not appear in Item Name field. These two symbols are treated special characters in XML. Though we can encode the text, an error will occur during downloading of order because SKU is not encoded or enclosed in CDATA in SC's order XML.


        • Changing the filter of Date Range causes error on filters added on Sales Rep and Team.

          Workaround: Select the filter for the Sales Rep and Team as you change the filter of the Date Range.


        • Unable to create supplier payment when clicking Pay Bill on Bill window.

          Workaround 1: Create payment from Supplier > Payments > New Payment then allocate the payment to bill.

          Workaround 2
          : Uncheck the preference "Allow validation of unique check number per Bank Account" from the Accounting Preference window.


      • All PO codes in Check Stub Stub Report (Quickbooks format) in consolidated GRN are missing and only one PO code is displayed in the PO Number field.

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