Release Notes for Connected Business 13.1.2

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.1.2
Release Date: 05-09-2013

New Features

Connected Sale (Desktop and Mobile)

    • Added support for Non-stock and Service item types.


    • Added new report 'Check Stub Stub (QuickBooks)'.



    • Added a product link on price notification report where user can click on the item name and be redirected to the product page.

Connected Sale

    • Minor UI changes in Kiosk.


    • Added the ability to split email attachments when sending to specific email addresses.

What's Fixed


    • Fixed issue unable to create account using Opera browser.
    • Fixed format gateway error when showing incorrect address on page.
    • Fixed issue on database upgrade failure.
    • Fixed issue on Reset Web Cache not working on Item form.
    • Fixed issue where web image is not saved when clicking Save and Close.
    • Fixed issue on Kit Details not set properly.
    • Fixed issue where item set as featured not showing in the Featured Item list.
    • Fixed incorrect description and layout upon loading the product page image.
    • Fixed error when adding item to shopping cart.
    • Fixed error in accessing mobile URL when supported devices are not specified.


    • Fixed issue on email SMTP setup not working on corporate accounts.
    • Optimize loading for CRM Mail for inbox that holds big records.
    • Fixed issues on Reminder Pop-up window:
      • Fixed issue on saving the Reminder Info.
      • Fixed issue on Reminder Form not popping up when it should prompt the user for activities that are scheduled.
      • Fixed crashing issue when pressing "Snooze all".
      • Fixed crashing issue when there are already a large number of reminders to be shown.


    • Fixed exception that occurs when voiding on PayPal gateway when there is no merchant account entered into the system.
    • Fixed issue where you cannot edit the allocated stock on back order transaction when there is a line item discount.
    • Fixed issue where you cannot view customer detail from invoice screen.
    • Fixed issue in upgrade where some invoice appeared to have balance.
    • Fixed exception when viewing an authorized payment reserved to sales order or invoice.
    • Fixed error in advance search when searching by date.
    • Fixed error in maximum discount validation.
    • Fixed issue in voiding invoice when payment is undeposited. The fix is to eliminate the part where payment gets refunded automatically.
    • Fixed error in editing ship quantity of invoice with reservation.
    • Fixed error when closing order in custom user role.


    • Fixed issue in getting rates when the company currency is not USD.


    • Upgrade will fix the WholeSalePrice field of InventoryItemPricingDetail when it is Zero and WholeSalePriceRate has value.
    • Fixed error in filtering item history.
    • Fixed issue in upgrading database from v6 when IsStore field in InventoryWarehouse.


    • Fixed issue on the missing amount in words in supplier payment.
    • Fixed error in voiding PO with reservation.
    • Fixed error in validation of whether header and details are balanced.
    • Fixed various issues related to screen loosing focus.
    • Prevented bill payments when bill is already included in the list of Process Payment.


    • Fix Deposit Focus jumps when sorting deposits by date.

Connected Sale (Mobile)

    • Prevent creation of transactions when default location is inactive.
    • Cash drawer should only open on transactions with Cash or Check payment.


    • Fixed error when printing report.
    • Applied restrictions when sending report through email to avoid sending email to multiple recipients.
      • User won't be able to clear filter on print dialog (when printing from a form).
      • A filter is always required when printing.


    • Optimize performance when loading an item for each item type.

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