Release Notes! Connected Business 18 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Release Notes for Connected Business 18 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Release Date: 06-29-2017

What's Improved


Improved! Update Tax Rate by Postal Code
Improved! Add Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4
Improved! Fixed Launch Pad Dynamic Applets and Support Menu
Improved! Fixed Incorrect URL for CB Help Resources
Improved! Fixed Some Missing Website String Resources After CB 16 Upgrade

Community Edition

Improved! Includes ALL CB Features and Modules except for the following:
     * Remove Data Dictionary
     * Remove Plugin Manager
     * Remove User Role
     * Remove Business Intelligence
Improved! Changing Default Skin to Office 2013
Improved! Only Works for SQL Express 2012 and 2014 
Improved! Watermarked CBE with *Powered by Connected Business Community Edition* 
Improved! Watermarked ALL Reports with *Powered by Connected Business Community Edition 
Improved! Item Creation Restricted for Assembly, Kit, Bundles and Electronic Download in CB Community Edition


Improved! Category Description Field Added in The Web Manager
Improved! Added Description and Summary Fields per Matrix Item in The Web Manager
Improved! Reset Web Cache Option Is Now Available in The Web Manager
Improved! Template Switching For Categories Moved to The Web Manager
Improved! Editing Application Configuration And Results Stay In The Page
Improved! Blog Engine - Enhanced Blog Display
Improved! XML Package "tabsimpleproduct" is Now Supported for Matrix Items
Improved! Compare Feature Added in the Category Page
Improved! Removed Add Section Button for Product Description. Added Section Ready to Drag and Drop In with Snippets. Applied Same Control for Summary Section.
Improved! Fixed Uploaded Web Images Are Squared Rather Than Scaled
Improved! Fixed Error and could not open order receipt in shopping cart
Improved! Fixed Web Access Error Log due to Skin Folder Missing Files But are Just in the Web Folder
Improved! Fixed Make Item page full screen unwrapped by the admin navigations
Improved! Fixed Topic Manager- New topics showing homepage format and throws and error when browsed
Improved! Fixed Website showing unlicensed message in the homepage
Improved! Fixed Unable to load Items in Web Manager
Improved! Fixed First image always opens when uploading multiple images
Improved! Fixed Removed obsolete admin site and goes directly to Web Manager
Improved! Fixed Editing any Topic in Web Manager is displaying a page template


Improved! Scan Business Card option removed


Improved! Fixed Error when trying to ship


Improved! Find Item Stock Tab should exclude Discontinued Items from the Search Results
Improved! Ability to delete multiple items from the Item Grid inside the Manufacturer Form
Improved! Fixed Item Creation Restricted for Assembly, Kit, Bundles and Electronic Download
Improved! Fixed Unable to Save Attribute Table with Long Value Option Description
Improved! Fixed Adding web attribute takes a long time to do
Improved! Fixed Copying of attributes from one product to others is not working


Improved! Job Engine for Auto Printing
Improved! Fixed Correct Grammar on Manage Multiple User Signin form


Improved! Upgrade Postal Tax Rate menu is now available in DBMC options.
Improved! Anonymous Account Purge for CBE in DBMC
Improved! Fixed Auto update for CB Client does not work
Improved! Fixed CB18 DBMC requires 2 sql components when login

Import Manager

Improved! Fixed No web information in Importing Manufacturer

Connected Warehouse

Improved! Fixed Incompatible server error when connecting to the CW apps
Improved! Fixed Unable to login in the connected warehouse apps


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