Release Notes! Connected Business 14.0.2

Release Notes for Connected Business 14.0.2
Release Date: 07-30-2014

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE!!! We really focused on performance on this release, and it shows when working with large volumes of data.

POS USERS - This is a major performance upgrade. The POS will now open the cash drawer and print the receipt much faster!

New Features


    • New! Custom documents for international shipment can now be printed.



    • Improved! Banking reconciliation now has the option to enable or disable the filter based on statement date.


    • Improved! Markup on amount to be authorized can now be applied to phone orders. You can now also specify markup on each gateway.
    • Improved! You can now capture more than the authorized amount on gateways that support it.
    • Improved! Added customer preference to show warning message when there not enough stock upon posting invoice.


    • Improved! Added customer preference to compute real time freight when saving order.
    • Improved! Real time freight charge is now stored in shipment table.

System Manager

    • Improved! Description column now added in the Job Plan list.


    • Improved! Added ability to use the defined tax code in the location based on customer pricing (wholesale or retail).
    • Improved! Credit card information is not required anymore when doing Voice Authorization for POS transactions.
    • Improved! Added ability to show POS transactions in the website assigned in the POS.
    • Improved! Added ability to view full report in the Reporting module.
    • Improved! Added ability to lookup items by UPC code in the Products module.

What's Improved


    • Improved! Updated system to follow locale setting format of decimal values in the backend application instead of the webstore.
    • Improved! Added validation when adding items with no unit measures to shopping cart.


    • Improved! Prevented error when adding new email account in CRM module.


    • Improved! Customer Refund Check can now show the exact amount in words for amount with cents.
    • Improved! Prevented error when assigning price list in Customer Class Template.
    • Improved! Corrected column labels on Gift Certificate report filter criteria pulldown list.
    • Improved! Quantity on sales invoice is now synchronized with amended drop ship orders.
    • Improved! Receipt with allocation can now be printed without clicking Save button first.
    • Improved! Caching now includes tax data.
    • Improved! Prevented voiding of credit card payment when it’s already captured by other user.


    • Improved! Tax amount on supplier bill can now be edited.
    • Improved! Notes can now be added even when bill/debit memo is already posted.
    • Improved! Prevented negative freight on GRN.
    • Improved! Usual order quantity can now be entered on Ship From form.


    • Improved! Supplier pulldown list in Item form now only shows active suppliers.
    • Improved! Gift Card/Certificate are now included in Item Type tooltip.
    • Improved! Location From pulldown list on Stock Transfer form now only shows active warehouses.
    • Improved! Prevented error when filtering price list on Price List form.

System Manager

    • Improved! Sales tax on sales order now displays when using Business Service.
    • Improved! Added validation to prevent entering of fractional quantity when importing inventory opening balance.
    • Improved! Updated DBMC tool to enable Upgrade button when deselecting upgraded databases.
    • Improved! Prevented error where user runs out of license when multiple websites are running.


    • Improved! Prevented error in printing report when report filter contains Like operator.
    • Improved! Gift Transaction Detail report now shows correct gift balance.


    • Improved! Major Performance Upgrade.
    • Improved! Updated system to prevent Serial form from popping up when changing coupon amount.
    • Improved! Prevented Phase-out message prompt from popping up when converting orders with phased out items to Sale.
    • Improved! POSTransactionOnly filter now set as part of the default filter criteria in Tender Report to show POS payments.
    • Improved! Corrected message prompt when applying coupon to selected item.
    • Improved! Printing report filtered by workstation id displays correct data.
    • Improved! Updated system to set non-stock and service items to be taxable regardless of Tax By Location setting.
    • Improved! Updated system for the Settings screen to load in the dashboard.
    • Improved! Disabled Selling UM and Don’t Earn Points options, as well as hid item costing, for non-admin users in POS.
    • Improved! Updated default start and end time on Z-tape where start time is at 12AM and end time is at 11.59PM.


    • Improved! Updated New Company to show blank posting accounts for the Default Account category.


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