Release Notes! Connected Business 14.0.1

Release Notes for Connected Business 14.0.1
Release Date: 05-05-2014


New Features

New! Connected Kiosk

Connected Kiosk is a sophisticated endless aisle solution that retail stores can use to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. Using a secure kiosk interface, shoppers can browse the store’s entire catalogue, locate available products in every outlet, order out-of-stock items, and more.

This fully integrated software is a powerful tool for the retailer as well. Connected Kiosk updates the stock levels of both the web store and in-store locations in real time. By monitoring the movement of your inventory, you can anticipate consumer demands and ensure no gaps in your retail chain.

Businesses can maximize their upselling opportunities using a wide range of customer-friendly features. With the help of Connected Kiosk, you can streamline your transactions and dramatically improve your bottom line.

New! Connected Warehouse

Streamline your warehouse and/or retail store operations for all sales channels by leveraging the use of handhelds and scanners with Connected Warehouse. This mobile application, which works with your iPhone, iPod Touch or even an iPad and any Bluetooth-compatible scanner, is complete with most features for your warehouse operations including item picking, packing, shipment label printing, receiving, stocking, transfers, adjustments, and physical inventory. This application not only speeds up the process of picking, packing, and shipping orders but it will greatly reduce the number of errors in your warehouse or retail store.


    • PICK
        • Automatically check stock count, bin number, and location upon picking the items.
    • PACK
        • Select box for shipments and generate/print shipping labels.
        • Select your preferred bin locations for all received goods.
        • Post completed GRNs automatically.
        • Print Receive labels.
    • STOCK
        • Move stocks in between bins.
        • Adjust stock counts within the warehouse directly from your mobile device.
        • Manage stock transfers from one warehouse to another.
        • Automatically or manually enter stock take item quantity.
        • View due and overdue items for stock take.
        • Select or change the default bin location of the item.
        • Remove item in the bin.

Connected Warehouse and Connected Kiosk support backwards compatibility. If you are using Connected Business v14 and wants to use the Connected Warehouse and Kiosk applications, simply update the POS Web Service. You can contact support for more details.


    • New! Customers can now create return requests directly from the webstore.
    • New! Added AllowAllWebStoreAccessOnSignUp appconfig to automatically allow contact access in multiple websites.
    • New! Added UseWebstorePricing appconfig to determine webstore pricing based on the assigned pricing of the logged-in user.


    • New! You can now create gift card and certificate on Connected Retail License license..



    • Improved! You can now set up freight charge for each selling currency.


    • Improved! Shortcut keys now added in the shipment window.

Solid Commerce

    • Improved! Stock quantity can now be updated in Solid Commerce without uploading products first in CB.

What's Improved


    • Improved! Webstore category fly-out menu now only displays sub-categories as selected by the customer.
    • Improved! Updated application to synchronize date and time when changing language code.


    • Improved! Prevented error due to time stamp format.     
    • Improved! Enhanced code to avoid error when voiding invoice in specific scenario.           
    • Improved CPU usage of job service engine.        
    • Improved! Payment Term and Shipping Method pulldown lists on import manager now show all available records.
    • Improved! Enhanced code to avoid problem when the option "Apply same supplier across  all warehouses" on supplier preference is checked.


    • Improved! Tracking numbers can now be sent to the updated email address of the contact.
    • Improved! Credit card payments are now authorized when order is converted to invoice (in the background) on the shipment form.
    • Improved! Prevented error in Rate Quotes using USPS Intl Express for Russian Federation.


    • Improved! Prevented negative freight and other charges in supplier transactions.


    • Improved! Enhanced code to allow filtering by keyword containing single quote.

System Manager

    • Improved! Audit trail details in the Invoice form now properly displays.
    • Improved! Help file link in Connected Business application now redirects to the new Connected Business online documentation.
    • Improved! Copying class templates for postal codes by In State is now working.


    • Improved! Rich text format now properly displays in the SO report of the webstore.
    • Improved! Reports printed in excel or email now shows currency values in the correct format.

POS (Desktop and Mobile)

    • Improved! Credit card payments made in POS now follows the payment setup (deposited or undeposited) as defined in the payment type form in Connected Business. 
    • Improved! Added validation when entering decimal values where the decimal value needs to be preceded with 0.


    • Improved consistency between the sales figures in the Analysis tab (Customer form) and the actual sales (invoiced amount) per month.

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