Preventable mistakes made when selecting your next ERP

Reasons for comparing ERP solutions

You, as the prospect company, have done your homework... probably with your team. You should have set functional analysis points, set priorities of features needed, and selected the list of initial vendors you wish to engage with. I suspect you will find all vendors have a polished presentation and all can show flashy features with benefits to help run your business. The question you need to ask yourself is did this software address your fundamental business needs documented in the pre-sales process? Without this pragmatic approach while comparing, you run the risk of missing the original goals.


Finding internal leadership

If you are reading this article, you are probably a company of more than one person. With that differing points of view from your team. Selecting who the decision makers will be vs. who will provide feedback during the selection, then implementation process is critical before you start the project. Treat it as that large company project it is, not just project for the IT department. 


Plan up-front

ERP system relationships between the company purchasing, and the vendor are usually a 7-10 year marriage, or longer if things are going well. So many great articles have been written to help you plan, then execute what is necessary for this level of ENTERPRISE project. You need to acknowledge there will be cost to doing evaluations and preparations for those evaluations. Find a vendor that will work (we hope it us) with you on planning costs, preparation materials, planning worksheets, etc... 


Plan for change

If your companies culture is not conducive to change you will have uphill battles along the way. A great up-front analysis will foster the conversations necessary with your functional groups. Include department leaders in your planning, sales, and decision processes. You will be glad you did. 


Seeking perfection

In the past, I have offered a PFA (product fit analysis) for ERP and other programs. This process solely existed to match product offerings with customer requirements. What I have found is simply there are no perfect ERP solutions. Some certainly are better than others, but just know that with moving to a new platform there will always be some pain. Also, you might find more several solutions that score about the same on your evaluations. Having several secondary filters such as feature ranking of "Must Have"/"Nice to Have"/"Less Important", cost, and/or delivery mechanisms all will help you select your final solution.


Connected Business feels we have not only the amazing value proposition, but the willingness of our sales team and partners to listen to your story, to work with your team and help you realize the goal of a successful ERP selection. There is a saying that "luck is where preparation meets opportunity". Your opportunity is moving to a new ERP, the concept of luck is the outcome and the hope your company comes out with manageable expenses and the results that help that company reach the next level, and the preparation is the only thing you truly control... Good luck. :)


Curt Rice

VP of Business Development

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