Omnichannel May Be A Game Changer For The B2B Market

The omnichannel approach to business continues to gain momentum among client-facing companies, especially as ecommerce becomes a dominant mode of retail. However, B2Bs also have much to gain from adopting omnichannel for their workflow. Omnichannel selling addresses a wide array of issues that bog down companies, including inefficient and redundant processes, insufficient data collection, and more.

According to industry analysis performed by Think With Google and Executive Board, it has become increasingly necessary for B2B brand to become more customer-centric and stand for business value in addition to simple supplier quality. However, these challenges become more complex as the volume and frequency of transactions increase.

Here are just some of the aspects of B2B commerce that can be greatly enhanced by cutting-edge omnichannel solutions.

Data Consolidation and Analysis

CMS Wire lists data consolidation and analysis as a must-have for many B2B companies. They plan on using these metrics to "determine which combinations of channels and interactions have the biggest attribution to the bottom line." 

An integrated solution such as Connected Business makes it easy to gather and consolidate data from multiple points within the selling journey. Our sophisticated CRM's framework enables companies to plan and implement inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, while our sophisticated ecommerce engine keeps track of product demand. These data can then be analyzed and presented through our Business Intelligence.

Special Pricing for Clients

Clients served by B2B companies are looking for 24/7 self-service features that allow them to operate efficiently and on their own time. This insight is reflected in the predictions by publication Business 2 Community.

To accommodate this need, B2B companies can create private, privileged price lists designed for clients who possess unique log-in credentials. The discount levels may be determined by volume, category, promotional date, or other variables. Because Connected Business is fully integrated, building and maintaining multiple price levels for your entire inventory is easy and is automatically applicable for all the sales channels that you are selling in.

The self-service model presents your inventory in a way that is similar to client-facing retail stores, removing the inefficiency that occurs when B2B clients are forced initiate or modify new transactions through analog sales processes, such as call center orders, fax or mail.

According to industry analysis site Customer Think:

"By mapping out the customer journey, you can identify your customer highs and lows. Then you can create a plan of attack for addressing these moments of truth to ease these pain points and turn them into opportunities that delight customers in ways your competitors cannot."

For this reason, it is imperative for B2Bs to consider the lessons learned by the consumer retail industry and apply them to their own circumstances. Connected Business offers fully integrated omnichannel solutions that elevate B2B processes into highly efficient and frictionless systems. Learn more about Connected Business and how well our products can be applied to your workflow.

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