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At its simplest form, notifications play a very integral role in running virtually all kind of business, be it online stores, banking, etc. 

That is why for this blog post, we will be discussing about Connected Business’ Price Drop Notification, a feature that keeps customers in-the-know of the latest price updates on hot items from your web store. Enabling this feature usually results to more site visits from customers, as well as a rather large boost on item sales. 

Here’s an overview on how this button works.

To enable this web feature, you have to set up the price drop notification application configuration. To do this, go to eCommerce > Setup > Application Configuration and assign the NotifyOnPriceDrop.Enabled appconfig to TRUE

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You can also customize the contents of the notification according to your preference from the Report Center. Please refer to Modify Notification Content.

Once done, the Price Drop Notification button will appear on all item page posted in your web store.

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Whenever a customer clicks the Price Drop Notification, the system will send an email notification, informing the customer of the latest price drop for the item in the web store. 

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If there's a price change in the item, the customer will receive an email notification of the price drop with an attachment detailing the item name, price change and the option to disable the email notification. 

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The email notification of the price drop will also appear on the web store’s default email account for reference. You can access this by going to the CRM module > Mail.

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You can refer to Enable Price Drop Notification Online Documentation for the full scope of this topic.

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