New! XML Package Layouts for Matrix Items

An attractive and effective product display makes online shoppers buy more items on your website. To enhance how items are displayed in your product page, the Connected Business team has created more elegant and stylish XML package designs applicable for matrix items. Promoting on-hand products with different variants can now be displayed in different ways through these new XML package layouts.

Matrix group items’ display format can be modified through the Item form > Web Option> Settings tab. On the XML package drop down, select the different formats designed for matrix items.

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Matrix Product

The product.matrixproduct.xml.config XML package displays various options of matrix products in a dropdown page layout. This set includes inventory stock indicator, dropdown options for the matrix variants, description of the item, item price, quantity field as well as the matrix item unit measure. This is the default XML package for matrix items.

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Matrix Options Selections

The product.matrixoptionselections.xml.config XML package displays matrix items in radio buttons. With this type, all item matrix information is displayed in one page which allows you to easily identify and select items with just one click. This set includes the item matrix variant, item price, and availability. As you select an item, the item image is displayed automatically so you can see how the item looks like.

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Matrix Product List

The product.matrixoptionselections.xml.config XML package easily displays matrix products in a list-view page layout. You can scroll through the page to see all the displayed matrix items. You can set the number of matrix items that can be displayed for each page by clicking on the “Click here to view more items” or set the number of items displayed through the View dropdown list option. This set includes information about the matrix item such as the item description, price, stock availability and the unit measure.

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Thank you for reading this blog post! For more info on XML Packages, check out the Product Display Formats online documentation.