New Rounding Rules Feature Makes Pricing Easier than Ever

Looking for a convenient way to keep your wholesale and retail prices consistent? Connected Business v14 features new enhancements for standardizing price lists, including powerful Rounding Rules for pricing items. A consistent pricing format, particularly for the decimal places, makes it easier for your customers to calculate product costs, especially if they are shopping on a budget.

This feature is also useful if retailers want to make their pricing more competitive, or if they are planning to launch store-wide sales. Rounded Rules allow them to change pricing conventions without having to encode the amounts individually. You simply need to set up the parameters before applying the new rules to your inventory


To set up rounded pricing, start at the System Module. Go to System > Setup > Rounding Rules. This takes you to the rounding rules form. Fill in the parameters of the Rule, including the NameCurrency, and Rounding Type.

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Rounding Type determines if your rule affects whole amounts or only the decimal places (cents). Choose Simple if you want changes to apply to whole amounts. If you only want to standardize cents, choose Decimal Only.

After you have created the Rounding Rule, you can apply them to items by going to the Inventory Module. Click Pricing > Item Pricing > Itemto launch the Inventory Item Pricing Wizard. Choose the store location that you want from the dropdown as well as your currency of choice, and then click Next to proceed.

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Your pricing list includes all the items in the inventory. Click Next to make the Rounding Rules dialog box appear, and choose the Rounding Rules that you want from the dropdown. You can apply it to either WholesaleRetail, or Suggested Retail prices. Simply tick the checkboxes for the configuration that you want.

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The next window that appears shows the list of item prices, with the column for New Prices highlighted. Check if the prices for your items are satisfactory before clicking Done.

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You can create pre-planned rules for a specific time of the year. Simply create multiple rules using the Setup module. In order to make implementation easier, be sure to give your Rule names a specific format and include descriptions for them

To learn more about the Rounding Rules feature, read our online documentation for Rounding Rules in Item Pricing. Thank you for reading this post, and have a great day!