Negative Quantity Entries on Customer Transactions

Many of today’s businesses require the entry of negative quantities on sales orders or invoices for reversing sales transactions. For today’s blog post, we will show a sample illustration as to how a non-stock item and service item types with negative quantity creates an impact on the sales order total due as well as processing commissions for sales representatives.

Negative quantities can be entered directly in transaction forms such as Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, RMA, Credit Memo and Sales Rep Process Commission. With Connected Business, you no longer have to configure entering negative quantities. Take note that while negative quantities are accepted in the transaction forms mentioned earlier, the system at the end of the ordering process will not allow you to save the transaction. The system requires that a sales order or sales invoice should have a positive total due. Find out why on the steps discussed in this blog.

Creating Transactions with Negative Quantities

As noted earlier, negative quantities can be used in customer transaction forms such as Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, RMA and Credit Memo. As an example, we will create a sales invoice.

    1. Create a Sales Invoice. Navigate through Customer module > Invoice > New Invoice. Select a customer from the Ship to Customers or Bill to Customers tab.

    2. Add two items. One is a non stock item type and the other one a service item type.

    3. On the quantity column, enter a negative quantity. Do this for both items.

    4. Save the Sales Invoice.

      Click Image to Enlarge

      It should not allow you to save the sales invoice when the due total is still negative. You have to add another item i.e. stock to make sure that the Due Total for the sales invoice is positive.

    5. Add an item. (Do not add service or non-stock item types). Save the Sales Invoice.

      Click Image to Enlarge

      Negative Quantity is displayed in parenthesis. For line items with negative quantities, creating a drop ship or a purchase order is not allowed since the drop ship checkbox is disabled.

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