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User Accounts for Solid Customization

At one point, you may have experienced the need for your backend business solution software to have multiple login accounts for different users. This feature is beneficial for bigger organizations, for it streamlines each user's interface to let them focus on the available forms and functions related to the user's job description.

The feature also secures the business solution backend as each access to the software requires user login information. This also allows for administrators to determine access levels for each user to control how much of the information will be shown to each user.

One of the braggable features that we have developed for Connected Business is the ability given to users to create specific user roles to each Connected Business user.

This feature is called User Roles and this can be accessed from the System Manager of your Connected Business application.

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The power of customization is at your hands with Connected Business.

If you have Connected Business installed already and all its configurations set, you may immediately access the User Role function by going to the System Manager, and then the Customize button.

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You will be shown a screen that lets you choose which User Role you want to customize. User Roles are basically accounts that people use to login to Connected Business.

Selecting a module will bring you to a screen that displays the list of forms accessible from the selected module. You may modify its basic properties from the screen itself, or double-click on one of the forms to display the selected form with customization capabilities right then and there.

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There are a myriad possibilities you can explore with customizing User Roles. For one, you can determine access levels of each user role to particular Connected Business modules. With this you can create user roles for specific type of user with determined access to specific Connected Business functions.

You can also create and delete user roles from the User Role list. Up to how many you can create? As much as you need. You can also add available or customized plug-ins to your forms, adding more power to the forms that your users may utilize.

I will blog more about how the User Role functions can help you and your business customize further your business solution functions - make sure you check that one out, too! For the techie guys out there who want to read the detailed discussion about my blog today, visit our documentation article by clicking Maintain User Roles.

Or, you might want to check out the full section of how to modify your Connected Business forms. As our revolutionary business solution is designed to be intuitive and fully-customizable to your business needs, so is our easy-to-use-and-modify forms. Check out Customize Forms to read more.

You can visit the Connected Business forums through this Forums link.

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