Master Business Management On The Go

According to Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle in, "tech, time and data" are the most important investments for retail in 2015. The fast pace of business means managers and owners need to keep constant track of performance all year round.

Managing your business full-time doesn't have to mean that you're tied to your office all day. A fully integrated business solution like Connected Business delivers flexible productivity options, letting you monitor various types of data, market your brand, and generate more sales opportunities from anywhere.

Close a Sale Anywhere

One of the ways that Connected Business delivers enterprise mobility is through a fully-integrated point of sale system that can be set up and ready to use on-the-fly. By installing the POS into your iPad, you can process and close all types of transactions. The mobile POS application lets you take cash, credit cards and other payment types. Loyalty points and gift cards can also be used in mobile POS.

This means opening up selling opportunities beyond your brick-and-mortar or online stores. You can give sales quotes to leads and prospects at trade shows, open pop-up stores, and participate in more creative and mobile sales strategies.

Access Simple Reports Off-Site

Another feature within the POS ecosystem is the ability to design and generate simple reports without needing to be in the office. Tracking day-to-day performance is especially useful when evaluating the effect of small changes as they are implemented over time.

Using the POS, you can design reports bases and different filter criteria. You can then export them as a PDF or other file type, or print out a copy using a wireless printer.

Monitor Your Web Store Remotely

Real-time information is even more important for your online retail presence, which is why the Web Admin Panel feature within Connected Business eCommerce gives you a quick snapshot of your site's performance as soon as transactions occur. The dashboard's homepage contains data such as product inventory, new orders, customer sign ups, and more.

The content editor feature even allows you to tweak the look and feel of your front page to keep your marketing message on point.
Connected Business offers enterprise mobility for companies who want to make their processes more dynamic. Talk us to find out how we can add real value to your business.

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