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Good day everyone! Today I'm going to talk about how to make the most out of your Connected Business Report Center. Inside this powerful module is a search engine that works to sort every report-worthy information and lists them down for you for easy searching. All your report records can be accessed from any module in Connected Business, can be modified from a single repository which can be tracked and managed easily. This feature is called the Report Explorer, and this is readily available for you.

You can access the Reports Module from all other Connected Business Modules. To do so, click on the Report Center button from the menu options.

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The Report Explorer, found on the left side of the interface, consists of folders and subfolders that contain the different consolidated reports inside Connected Business. The workability is a lot like Windows Explorer in the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Its main folders are labeled Templates and Reports. If you have personally created templates they should be shown in the Custom Templates subfolder. However, if you haven't yet, you may do so by going to the New dropdown menu and select New Blank Template.

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Reports, on the other hand, are stored accordingly in the Reports folder. Subdivided into two folders - Custom and System Reports - the Custom Reports are your folder for your created reports while System Reports are reports created by Connected Business based on the data from all your modules. System Reports are categorized by module - it will be hard to miss the reports you are trying to look for.

To create new reports - either by using a template, by wizard or from scratch - refer to the Create New Reports documentation.

You can also use the Search Bar to look for specific reports instead of scanning every folder and sub-folder. Just key in your keyword in the search bar to begin searching. The search bar also has a feature that allows advanced filtering of available reports. To do this, click on the Advanced Search button along the search bar row. A filter function will be displayed. Click on any of the criteria to set the search parameters.

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We will have a Webinar about the Reports Module titled, "Creating Reports in Connected Business For Really Smart Dummies," on January 28, 7:00PM to 8:00PM (Pacific Time). The Webinar closely tackles the issues of creating reports and how the integrated approach of Connected Business makes it easier to do so. To view more Webinars and other events you may click Webinars section of the site.

Look into the online documentation for this topic for a broader discussion. Check out the Report Explorer reference to read more.

If you want to create a discussion topic about Connected Business, you can do so by visiting the Forums.

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