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Today we will go over one of Connected Business’ more rewarding features – Loyalty Points!

Basically, Loyalty Points are a number of points a customer earns after purchasing an item. The number of points is set by the store owner and is generally based on the actual value of an item.

Here’s a quick sneak peek into how Connected Business’ Loyalty Points system works.


To start off, the option to earn loyalty points must be enabled. This can be done by simply ticking the Track Loyalty Points checkbox from the Setup tab of the Customer Detail form. With this, customers can now earn loyalty points for their purchases.

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As far as earning points is concerned, Loyalty Points can be earned upon posting the invoice and allocating it with payment. The calculation of points to be earned can be set from the Advance Preferences form of the Customer module.

You can check the points earned from the Outstanding Points field of the Customer Detail form.

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Earned loyalty points can be redeemed as payments or credits to invoices. If it will be used as a payment, simply click the Apply Loyalty Points button from the Payment form then indicate the points to be redeemed.

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To apply the points as credits, just open the Receipt form, select the invoice where the points will be applied, click Apply Loyalty Points button then indicate the points to be redeemed.

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There you have it!

For more details on this feature, you can refer to Loyalty Points online documentation.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find this blog helpful. Have a good one!

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