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The email newsletter has been enjoying a period of resurgence, thanks to the rise of mobile Internet and the ubiquity of smartphones. According to US consumer data, 65% of all emails are now opened first through mobile devices. Email marketing has also been at the top when it comes to enticing customers to follow through, with consumers spending 83% more when they are sent to through a marketing newsletter.

Despite the proliferation of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, email still remains as one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. The intimacy that is part of a well-crafted email campaign can be just the push a potential customer needs to avail of a deal.

Connected Business's customer relationship management (CRM) module allows you to use email marketing as the backbone of your advertising campaign, through a wide array of functionalities such as contact management, email formatting, campaign wave scheduling, and more. Here are some principles to keep in mind when planning a newsletter campaign for your business:

Know Your Audience

Is your newsletter designed to reach new audiences or to maintain an ongoing communication with users who have already signed on? Serving these two market segments may require you to craft two different types of email copy in order to maximize click-through potential.

A CRM can automate the process of sending focused newsletters. You can create specialized campaign waves for specific contacts, complete with unique newsletter content. Once you've built up a sizable subscription list, you can then send email blasts knowing that you're always sending the appropriate message.

Highlight Sales and Deals

Every new issue of your newsletter needs a call to action that a customer can do after reading. This can include links to the product page on your website, a new post from your blog, or other types of content.

Another suggestion given by PC World is to put discount codes that are especially designed for newsletter recipients. Aside from giving your subscribers something special in exchange for their loyalty, a promo code also allows you to accurately gauge the effectiveness of your email-based marketing. You can then use this data to further hone your selling strategies.

Update Regularly, But Don't Overdo It

The internet and social media is an ongoing stream of news, viral content, and promotion, so stand out amidst the noise can be a challenge. This is why a regular newsletter sent to your subscription list can enhance brand recognition and loyalty. However, it's important to calculate the frequency of email correspondence, since it can trigger the algorithms of email servers and send your content to the spam folder.

Using the Connected Business CRM to schedule your campaign waves, you can be sure that your newsletters will be sent on time, according to schedule. You can also use this module to space out your email blasts to maximize the interest generated by special occasions such as holidays and birthdays.

Update Your Subscriber List Constantly

Keeping track of your contact list and removing non-responsive emails can improve your click through rates and ensure that you are reaching people who truly want to hear what you have to say. A CRM dashboard makes it easy for you to update customer information using a fully integrated database, allowing you to update your recipient list in real time.

Discover Connected Business today and find out how you can use newsletters to leverage your brand and build a rapport with your clientele.



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