Inventory Special Order Attributes Enhancement

We have created a powerful new feature designed for companies that do special orders for items with various designs, colors, sizes, etc. This new feature greatly simplifies the taking of the order, and the creation of the purchase order associated with the special order.

Lets get started...

Suppose you have a particular dress that's available in different designs and different sizes, but do not want to create a inventory item for all of permutations that the product is available in. This is where the Special Order Pop Up feature is used. With the special order popup feature, you can popup a form to list all the custom choices available for the item and the choices will be added to both the product description of the order AND the special order purchase order sent to your supplier!

In Connected Business, item types that can make use of this feature are Non-Stock, Stock and Service items only (items that you not keep track of). The following points discusses how the Special Order Pop-up works:

    1. Set an item that requires Special Order Pop-Up;
    2. Item attributes are automatically displayed on the screen while on the ordering process (these attributes are not physically stored, so you have to create a special order);
    3. View Custom Options tab that contains the attributes selected for the item;
    4. Easily create Purchase Orders if attributes of a specific item is not stored physically;
    5. View specific details of the ordered item(s) on reports;

First, we need to Create a New Special Order Pop Up. Navigate from the Inventory Module > Setup menu > Special Order Pop Up. From here you can view the available Special Order Pop Up forms in the List tab.

To create a new one, click New from the menu option. Creating a new Special Order Pop Up will bring you to the Detail tab with blank details. From here you can input information about the pop up you want to create.

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In creating a new pop up, all fields will be blank. Clicking on the empty Column Name fields will display the New Custom Field Wizard. From here you can create your different attributes for the item you are going to assign the pop up into.

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Upon completion of the New Custom Field Wizard you will have entries in your Special Order Pop Up Detail tab.

Before setting up your Sales Orders, access first the Inventory Module > Item > Find Item and double-click on the item/s you want to assign the Special Order Pop Up feature to.

From the Item form of the item, access the Setup tab and at the bottom end of the Setup section you will find the Special Order Pop Up field. Click on it to bring out the list of Special Order Pop Ups for you to select from.

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To set up a Sales Order with items you want to set item variables with, go to the Customer Module > Order > New Order and select from the customers list that will be displayed. Upon selection you will be shown the Order form - from here you can input inventory items

Input items in the Inventory tab by clicking on the empty fields. Input also the quantities and immediately after doing so, the Special Order Pop Up form will be displayed.

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The item varieties you entered in the Special Order Pop Up form you entered will be available in the Custom Options tab that will be displayed at the bottom part of the Sales Order form.

Still from the Order Form, create a purchase order by clicking on the Create Purchase Order from the menu options. The Special Order form will be displayed.

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Complete the form by inputting suppliers in the Ship From Name column fields, checking the checkboxes of items you want to include in the Special Order Purchase Order, and click Create Special Order from the menu options.

Note that the item attributes you have set from the Special Order Pop Up form will be carried over from the Sales Order/Sales Quote-Proforma/Sales Invoice to the Purchase Orders that will be created.

Printing the Purchase Order gives you a glance of the items (with your included item varieties) in the Item Description area in the Purchase Orderreceipt.

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To read more, refer to the Special Order Pop Up online documentation.

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