Inventory Revaluation by Location

The Stock Revaluation routine in Connected Business is added with a new option wherein you can now revaluate stocks on a location basis. The Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory Control Accounts used from the current location can now be adjusted and transferred to another location where transactions are created. This will allow business owners to easily revaluate stocks from each of their specific locations.

To be able to perform stock revaluation by location, you need to enable these preferences in the Accounting module:

    • Sales Analysis by Location
    • Enable Ignore Negative Stock on Revaluation

This will let you revaluate the account codes assigned to different locations.

Once these preferences are enabled, you may now select what location to revaluate. You may begin revaluating your inventory based on location by navigating to the Accounting module > Revaluation > Stock. Click on New button from the menu, the stock valuation window will be displayed.

There are various location tabs that will be displayed on the Stock Valuation window. You can do the following:

    • Revaluate All Location – click on the Revaluate All Warehouses button from the menu option to automatically revaluate your inventory across all locations.

    • Revaluate a Specific Location – if you want to specifically check inventory revaluation from each of the location, you may click on the specific location tab then click on Revaluate button.

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