Introducing Priority Orders

Priority order is a new feature available in Connected Business 15 that allows your business to offer expedited processing and faster delivery for an additional charge. By setting up priority orders, your business can deliver more options to your customers and add value to their shopping experience.

This video gives a quick rundown on how priority orders work.


In Connected Business, the priority order option is enabled for individual items in your Inventory module. It can be applied as an additional line item if you create a Purchase Order using Connected Business or if your customer clicks on the option box as they are filling out the Shopping Cart.

Once the order have been saved and posted, the list on pending item picking list will automatically place the newly created priority order at the top of the list. This puts the picking and packing process on a fast track, allowing your customers to get their orders quickly.


An important thing to note is that if there have been more than one priority order created, the window that displays the list of picking tickets will still display priority orders in chronological order, starting with the oldest priority order created.

You can read about the step-by-step process for setting up priority orders by consulting our documentation page on the topic. 

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