Import Matrix Items and Attributes in Connected Business

In this blog, you will learn how to import matrix group with items and attributes.

You need to have the following templates filled-up with the required data to successfully import matrix items and attribute values.

    • Inventory Item Template

      This template includes the item code for the matrix group as well as the matrix items. Specify the values for the Item Class Code and the GL Class code which can be derived by checking other matrix group items. The default Item Class Code and default GL Class Code should DEFAULT-MATRIX GROUP. Indicate the Standard Cost, Current Cost and the Average Cost of the items.

      The Item Name of the matrix items should contain the attributes in it e.g. [ItemName]-[Attribute1]-[Attribute2], Item01-Black-S

    • Inventory Matrix Group Template

      This template contains info on the Item Code as well as the Prefix used for the Item Code. You may use a separator to separate the prefix for the item code used in the matrix group.

    • Matrix Attribute Template

      This template contains the Item Code (for the matrix group) as well as the attribute codes listed and the position of the attributes in the naming convention of the matrix items. The higher the Position ID, the farthest it will be on the name of the item matrix.

    • Inventory Attribute Value

      This template contains values for the item code, attribute codes and the attribute code values. In the AttributeCode column, specify the attributes indicated in the matrix attribute template.

    • Inventory Matrix Item

      This template contains the complete details of the matrix items.

You can import these data simultaneously. To import all these data templates, click System Manager ► Import Manager. Set Inventorymodule in the Target field and the list of import items will be displayed in the Import List section. You can double click on the import item and select the import source to load the import data in the Source display of the Import Manager.

After loading all the required source data, validate the data by clicking on the Validate button. If no errors are returned, click on the Importbutton to start importing the data.

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After importing, the log window will be displayed showing the summary of files imported and files with error.

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You may check the imported data for the matrix group from the Inventory module ► Item ► Find Item. Go to the Matrix Group tab and open the imported matrix item to view the item details. On the Item form, click on the Item Matrix tab and review the attribute and the matrix items.

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When you create an order for the specific matrix group, you can automatically view the attributes for the specific items.

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For more information on importing data in Connected Business, please refer to the online doc Import Matrix Items and Attribute Values.