How to Use Virtual Pages for Effective Advertising

Connected Business 14 allows you to create virtual pages for your webstore where you can curate different products in a single screen without reorganizing your existing product inventory. These virtual pages are ideal for promoting exciting deals, seasonal offerings, sales and more.

You can create virtual pages by accessing CB 14's eCommerce module.


Why Create Virtual Pages?

Virtual Pages are basically pages that contain entities that already exist in you webstore. CB 14 allows the user to copy existing items from one category to another, assign them under a relevant advertising campaign or even load a website within the webstore for easy access.

Because the pages are "virtual," you do not need to remove it from its existing webpage. You simply need to create a new virtual page that collects entities from different categories. This can be especially useful if you are having a special sale that includes items in different categories, or you want to promote a special theme in your advertising campaign.

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To create a new Virtual Page, go to E-Commerce Category > New Category to load the Category Form. Fill in all the relevant details, making sure you choose Web Menu for the Type field.

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Under the Page Setting you can choose which class of Items can populate your virtual page. Your options include: 

    • Show Category – If you choose this option, all items under a given category will populate your virtual page.


    • Show Topic – This option can include pages with user-generated text, such as About Us, FAQ, and more.


    • Show External Page – This option allows you to display a webpage from a different website while still using your store as the frame.

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You can choose the Category or Topic that you wish to publish using the dropdown menu.

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To add publish an external page from a third-party site, type in the website's URL.

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Make sure that you tick the box that says Show On Web. Once you've manage to configure your virtual page to your liking, click Save and Close.

To learn more about maximizing your web store's potential, read our online documentation on how to Create Virtual Pages. Thank you for reading this post!