How to Use a Gift Card or Certificate at a POS

Gift Cards and gift certificates are becoming trendy gift options, especially during the holiday season. With gift cards, there is no need to return items to the store if they're in the wrong size or the wrong color! The people receiving the gift have total control of what they get.

Connected Business 14 offers greater convenience with a new feature that allows you to activate and issue gift cards and gift certificates through your Point of Sale (POS) kiosk.

 In Store Activation

Gift cards are different from gift certificates because a gift card is associated with only one account while a gift certificate can be used by anyone who has the serial number. However, gift cards have added value since they are rechargeable and reusable as long as there is still a balance in the account.

To activate a new Gift Card in POS, tap the Gift Card button on the screen. A dialog box will appear asking for the Gift Card Number. Because the card is new, a prompt will appear asking you to activate it.

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A new dialog box will load asking for the PIN Number. The customer should also fill in the second field to confirm the PIN before tapping theActivate button.

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The customer can enter the initial amount that they want the card to contain. Fill in the Amount field before clicking the Recharge button.

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A new dialog box will appear asking for the Payment Option for the gift card.

The person to whom the gift card is issued can use it as long as the account contains a balance. They can use the POS kiosk in any branch of the same company to check the available amount in real time.

Using the Gift Card

After shopping for the products that you want to purchase, proceed to checkout by tapping on the Complete button found on the lower right side of the screen. A dialog box will appear asking for the Payment Option. Click on the Gift button to redeem the purchase using the gift card.

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The Gift Card/Certificate dialog box will appear. Type in the Serial Number of your gift card and then enter the amount that you want to use for this transaction. If the Total is larger than the balance in the gift card, the rest can be paid using other methods.

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If the serial number you entered is not associated with your account, an error message will appear. Double check if the serial number is correct.

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If the transaction is successful, however, the amount paid via gift card will be reflected in the printed receipt generated by the POS.

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To learn more about this feature, read our documentation on Processing Gift Cards and Certificates in POS. Thanks for reading!

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