How To Process Online Payments From Your Webstore

Connected Business's powerful eCommerce platform makes it possible for you to deliver an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. You can now integrate a wide range of payment processes into your webstore, including the ability to process online payments through your site.

Today, we are going to discuss how to set up your webstore so that you can accept online payments for open or unpaid sales invoices. The record for the invoices will be viewable by the customer through the online store as long as the transaction is tied to the customer's account.

To set up online payments, you first need to configure the eCommerce module of Connected Business 14.


Click on eCommerce > Setup > Application Configuration to load the Application Configuration form. Type "OnlinePaymentTermsAllowed" on the Search bar to find the field you want to configure.

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Double clicking on OnlinePaymentTermsAllowed will send you to the Details tab. Look for the Config Value field. You can then add codes for the different payment methods. To learn more about Payment Term types, read our online documentation on how to Set Up Order Fulfillment.

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Remember to click Save to apply the changes. You can then open your online store using a web browser to see if the configuration has been successfully applied.

In the online store, your customer will be able to find their open invoices in their account profile page. Click on the My Open Invoices heading to expand the category.

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When the customer clicks the Pay Online button, the Payment Information page will load. They can then fill in the relevant information, including the payment method that they want to choose. PayPal processing is included in the choices by default.

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Payment via Credit Cards allows partial payments for invoices while PayPal only allows a full payment. The customer needs to click Pay Online to complete the transaction.

To learn more, read our online documentation on how to Invoice Online Payment. Create a successful online store today! Thanks for reading.

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