How to Maximize Multiple Selling Channels

Are you making the most out of your multiple retail locations? While expansion is an optimistic sign of increased growth and market demand, running a business with more than one site can present a number of logistical challenges. Providing your employees with software that streamlines the workflow and improves customer service is vital to your business success.

According to The Guardian, an omnichannel approach "provide[s] new opportunities for retailers by enabling each channel to serve consumers at any point of their shopping journey." Connected Business is a fully integrated business solution that embraces an omnichannel philosophy. It offers a great deal of flexibility by automating a wide range of process, including e-commerce, warehousing, inventory, and more.

More than One Physical Store

The challenges faced by a business with two or more physical stores include the coordination of inventory stock and the efficient processing of back orders to suppliers, among others. Connected Business automates these tasks through a fully integrated database system that updates in real time.

Having one dedicated inventory for all your sales channels allows you to automatically allocate products as soon as an order is made. You can also automatically create a back order to your supplier, reserve incoming stock based on purchase orders, and more.

Physical stores with additional warehousing location

If your secondary location is designed to be a large storage of your current inventory, having an automated warehousing program is essential in keeping your system organized and efficient.

Connected Warehouse is a free app for the iOS that converts your smartphone or tablet into a fully functional warehousing and labeling device. You can also incorporate Bluetooth scanning technology to expedite your processes and further improve your bottom line.

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Selling channels that includes kiosks

Connected Business Point of Sale is especially designed to help you set up a fully integrated system using standalone touchscreen setups. These kiosk stations are completely integrated with the rest of your inventory setup. Shoppers can browse through your catalogue, initiate an order, and even pay through a number of payment methods, all in one place.

Connected Business presents an endless aisle solution that allows you to increase your sales without having to invest in a much larger physical location.

Selling channels that includes e-commerce

E-commerce has had a revolutionary effect on the retail landscape. Customers are now more connected than ever, thanks to the rice of mobile technology. Businesses who want to a greater share of the youth market needs a robust online presence in order to compete.

Connected Business offers top of the class e-commerce channels that helps you reach customers no matter their location. Because the inventory database for your webstore is fully integrated with the rest of your inventory, you can be sure that all of your orders are properly allocated, packaged, and shipped in real time.

Watch this video to learn more about Connected Business and our novel approach to retail integration.

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