How to Enable or Disable the Date Filter for Bank Reconciliation

The latest enhancement from Connected Business 14 now allows users to enable or disable the date filtering function for the Bank Reconciliation form. With this feature, users have greater flexibility when it comes to viewing entries based on their statement date.

The filtering feature is enabled as a default when you first open Connected Business 14, but you can disable it by changing your preferences. To accomplish this, go to Banking module > Setup > Preferences to load the Banking Preference form.

Under the General category, you will find a tick box that enables filtering by statement date. Make sure the box is not checked before clicking OK.

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A dialog prompt will appear, advising you to sign out of your current session first. Once you've signed out, sign back in to see the changes take effect.

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After this, go to Banking module > Banking > Reconciliation.

Choose the appropriate Bank Account to load the Reconciliation Form. You will now be able to view documentation that is dated later than the statement date entered into the reconciliation form.

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The entries in both the Payments and Deposits fields will remain visible even when you choose an earlier Statement Date. To re-apply the filter function, simply access the Bank Preference form again.

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