How to Create a Blind Ship Order

Maintain vendor confidentiality so that you can maintain your key client relationships. With Connected Business Blind shipping feature, your customers can call anytime for a blind ship order that allows you to change the Ship From name to your customer's name without changing the Ship From address. Incorporate blind shipping in your business practices if you want not to disclose the point of origin to the receiver and your products will be go straight to your customer.

The source at which your product came from will be kept anonymous for your customers. If the bling shipment is enabled, the Ship From name indicated in the Shipment form will be your customer's name but the return address still indicates your shipping warehouse address. In the shipping label, it will look like the product was shipped from your customer's "address" when in reality it was shipped from your warehouse.

This feature is useful to those retailers who do not want to divulge the shipping source information for their products.

The freight calculation will still be based on your shipping warehouse address and not on the customer’s address.

Placing a Blind Ship Order in Connected Business

Blind shipping in Connected Business is free of charge, so if your customer requests for a shipment to be blind shipped, make sure that you have the recipient’s shipping information. To see how the blind ship feature works, we'll start with creating a sales order or sales invoice.

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In the SO /SI form, tick the Blind Ship checkbox. Save the sales order or sales invoice. Open the shipment form for the SO / SI you created by going to Shipping module ►Shipment ► From SO / From INV. In the Shipment form, notice that the name indicated in the Ship From field is the customer name with your company’s warehouse address.

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You can still change the Ship From information by clicking the FROM button. However, doing this will also change the shipping address to the customer’s actual address.

In the Ship To field, the name indicated will still be your customer’s name but you can change this by clicking the TO button and the Shipping Address form will be displayed.

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Enter the recipient’s shipping information and click OK. After reviewing the shipping information, click on Get Label to process the shipment. Refer to Enable Blind Ship in Shipment Transactions in our online documentation for more information.


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