How Retail Can Woo Shoppers On Valentine's Day

E-Commerce merchants are getting in the mood this Valentine's Day, thanks to positive news about expected consumer spending surrounding the 14th of February. The National Retail Federation published a consumer survey that puts expected spending for this year at $18.9 billion.

This year, 25% of the responders say that they are going to do their Valentine's shopping online. To make the most of this holiday, consult our Valentine's Day e-commerce checklist and make sure that your selling channels are ready for one of the most important days in the retail calendar.

Make sure that your marketing efforts are working for both your e-commerce and brick-and-mortar store.

All retailers are competing for visibility during Valentine's Day, which means that your marketing efforts need to rise above the noise. A great way to add value to your brand is to highlight offerings from both your retail site and your brick-and-mortar locations.

Connected Business makes it easy to create customized campaign waves through our Customer Relationship Management module. You can tailor copy and strategies depending on your target audience segment. For example, you may want to highlight special services such as gift-wrapping at your physical store. Online shoppers, on the other hand, may appreciate special discount codes embedded in your newsletters.

Update your inventory with sought-after products.

Connected Business's powerful Inventory solutions allows you to enter large quantities of products into the system, making stock-making much more efficient. In addition, our Connected Warehouse app enables you to update your stock take using your smartphone.

Product information also updates in real time, so all of your locations can immediately make new stock for Valentine's Day available across all selling channels.

Reward loyal customers for signing up.

Loyalty points and special perks for registered shoppers are excellent way to encourage repeat spending. It also drives up positive word of mouth. A good way to keep your loyalty program relevant is to create holiday or season-specific rewards that can entice them to go back to your store whenever there is a new occasion.

Make your landing page stand out.

An eye-catching banner prominently displaying your Valentine's Day offerings help your brand stand out in the highly competitive world of online retail. Once you've approved a sophisticated and informative graphic, access the eCommerce module to customize the home page of your store.

You can even edit your online store's front page off-site by accessing the Web Admin Panel and making your changes straight from your browser.

Follow-through after the holiday.

Once you've used the Connected Business CRM module to create buzz for your brand, it is important to follow up your Valentine's Day marketing with future campaign waves that highlight deals for repeat customers. You can also take this opportunity to highlight certain products that are related to their most recent purchases.

Luxury Daily, "The experience of shopping for and ultimately purchasing a gift should reflect the same personalization and thoughtfulness." Build a long-term relationship with your customers so your company will be foremost in shoppers' minds the next time February 14 rolls around.

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