Generate Labels for Multi Package Shipments

Hello Everyone! In this blog, I will be discussing about the enhancement made by our development team when you create a shipping transaction which consists of number of boxes or packages for shipment.

In Interprise Suite 6, the multi-box feature only allows you to enter the total weight of the package. So when a label is generated, what the system does is that it will automatically divide the total weight based on the number of packages included in the shipment. In Connected Business, we have enhanced this feature by allowing you to specifically indicate the description, package type, weight, dimensions incurred value and COD amount for EACH of the packages. In this way, you can easily check and change what needs to be modified on the fields indicated on the Multi-Package Information Details window.

Let us discuss on how to generate a multi package label in the Shipping module:

First, you need to setup and meet these requirements in order for you to get the correct label for a number of packages to ship to a customer. You need:

  • The Item to ship should have an indicated weight. Otherwise, when you create a shipping transaction for the item, the system will display a pop up informing you that the item needs to have a given weight.
  • The Customer should have the correct address. If the customer’s address recorded in Connected Business is incorrect, you may make use of the address validation feature to make sure the address is correct.
  • Setup Carrier Account. The carrier that will be used for shipping the customer’s order should be setup correctly.

To generate a multi package label, create a new sales order or a sales invoice from the Customer module. Select the Customer, indicate the Shipping method, and include the item name and the quantity as well as the location as to where the items should come from. Save the Sales Order or Sales Invoice form.

After saving the order/invoice, click on the Shipment List tab. Click Yeswhen a prompt message appears. You may amend the carrier details such as the carrier, service and the type of package for the shipment.

On the Carrier Specific Section, tick the Multi-packagecheckbox. When you tick this checkbox, these are the settings that will happen:

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  • By default, the Package Count Field will automatically set to 2. You may set this quantity to a higher value as needed.
  • The Rate Quotes and Package Content Grid will be disabled. You will not be allowed to inquire shipping rates for multiple packages as well as modify any items once the multi-package button is enabled. Multi Package is item specific, thus all items will be saved in the first package.
  • The Multi Package button will be enabled on the Shipment form. This feature does not support and is not applicable for Prepacked and Oversized Items. For prepacked items, they will be shipped separately and does not need to have this feature enabled.

Click on the Multi-Package button, then supply the fields required on the Multi-Package Information section. Depending on the package counts, supply each of these fields for the packages such as the Package, Weight, Length, Width, Height, Insured Value as well as the COD Amount. Click OK when done.

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Once the label is generated, you may click the Preview Label button on each of the packages on the packages section (or press F4 key) and view the label.

The label should look like this which includes the Ship From information, weight of each package, Ship to information, tracking number and the transaction number. For example, if you have “X” number of packages for shipment, the label will count each package as “1 of X”, “2 of X”, and so on…until it counts the last package “X of X”.

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Thank you for reading this blog! Hope this helps!

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