Force Voiding a Shipment Tracking Number

Last time, I have shared a unique feature called the Will Call option. If you have not yet read about this blog, you might want to refer to Will Call Option - Pick Up Your Orders Directly From the Location. As a brief recall on this feature, it would now allow customers to pick up their ordered items on the indicated location(warehouse). The computation of the sales tax on the sales order form will then depend if the order is set for pick up and the ship to address will then automatically change to default location(as to where the items will be picked up). However, take note that customers may only use this option if they order by phone or if they are physically present at the store.

Now, we will be sharing another cool feature that will give you ease on managing shipment transactions that has been voided on the carrier website - the Force Void option.

When a shipment transaction or label has been voided on the carrier website, your Connected Business database record does not automatically adjust. In order for your records within Connected Business to sync with the carrier website and avoid errors while updating an already voided shipment(whether active or completed), you need to have this tool.

From the Force Void form, you may select options whether to void active or completed shipments. You will also notice on the date criteria which is developed for flexibility depending upon your needs. On the list of Active or Completed Shipments, you may now select which ones to void so your database records are now updated and in sync with the carrier website records.

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Once a shipment transaction(s) is/are checked, you will then be asked to confirm if you would like to void the transaction. Note that this option is not reversible which means that you first have to check if the record has been voided on the server. This force void option is only intended if you want to void a transaction in your database records(local).

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