Force Sign-Out Users From Multiple Locations

Your Connected Business application contains a lot of confidential information that requires a secured and reliable user control system. Since we know and understand your needs, we have added a new layer of control for managing accounts that are currently logged in from different locations. With this new feature, you can now track your recent sessions and sign yourself out remotely from one location or even across all locations. You can even view other users who have signed in to different locations (networked computer or from anywhere using cloud application).

The Manage Multiple Sign-In feature allows the user to be notified if he/she is logged-in to multiple locations and has the option to force sign-out in other locations. This is a reliable feature where you can automatically log out other users without spending any penny for a 3rd party application just to do this.

Upon signing in to Connected Business, any users who want to sign in with a specific user account can view other locations where he/she is also currently logged in.

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To force sign out other users from other location, go to System Manager ► Accounts ► Locked Accounts. The Manage Multiple Sign-In Window will be displayed. You can select users from other PC in the or other locations to be logged out from Connected Business by clicking the Force Sign out button from the menu.

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Thanks for reading this blog! For a more detailed documentation about this, you can also refer to Force Sign Out Multiple User.

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