Filter Value Now Required When Printing Reports

In previous implementation of printing reports in Connected Business, clicking Print will print all records based on the default data source in the filter.

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This allows the customer to easily print all records without having to define any values in the filter (aside from the default data source). This action sometimes causes problems in the user’s end as some unnecessary records might be printed and could be mistakenly sent to unintended recipients.

In line with this, a patch has been created to prevent the scenario above from happening. This patch will restrict printing of all records without defining values or criteria in the filter.

If applied, once you click on Print and no values are defined in the filter, a message prompt will be displayed indicating that you are about to print report with incomplete filter.

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If you continue to print, the Print Status dialog box will be displayed indicating that there is an error in printing the report.  Click on the Error link in the Status column and you will see the error message showing that there is no data to print.

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This is not an error in the system but rather a restriction requiring the user to enter a value in the filter before records can be printed. This is to ensure that the correct records are printed and are only sent to the intended recipients.

You can still print all records as needed by simply removing the filter.

If you want to have the patch applied in your version of Connected Business, please contact Support.

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