FedEx Ground Home Delivery Configuration

In the past versions of Connected Business such as Interprise Suite, the system has set Home Delivery Premium as default when you select the FedEx Ground Home Delivery as shipping method. This method costs you time to uncheck the option every time you want it disabled in the shipment window.

Now with Connected Business 13, for a reliable delivery of residential shipments, we have added a shipping config that allows you to disable the home delivery premium when selecting the FedEx Ground Home Delivery shipping method. Learn how to set it up by following the process below.

Disable Home Delivery Premium Services

From the Shipping module, go to Setup ► Shipping Configuration. Search for FedEx.HomeDeliveryPremium in the list of shipping configurations. In the Value field, set the config value to False. Click Save and Closebutton to apply your changes.

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If the app config is set to TRUE, the Home Delivery Premium Special Services will now be turned off when creating a shipment for a particular order or invoice with shipping service as Ground Home Delivery. 

Starting with Connected Business 13, by default, this app config is set to False which means Home Delivery premium services are not automatically selected. You may continue with the shipment label by clicking the Get Label button to process the shipment or select another FedEx special service you want to use for shipping your package.

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To know more about this feature, please refer to our FedEx Home Delivery Configuration online documentation.

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