Exploring Connected Business 15: Set Up eShopCONNECTED Windows Service

With the launch of Connected Business 15, we are highlighting a number of key functionalities that have been included in the newest version. Among these developments are the major enhancements have implemented for eShopCONNECTED, the fully integrated eCommerce technology that allows clients to interface Connected Business with third-party marketplaces and platforms. Check out the video below, which highlights the major features in eShopCONNECTED.



eShopCONNECTED has been optimized for ease-of-use, featuring an error notification system that uses the business layer of Connected Business with a Chilkat component. For the current version, this means that users need to perform some extra steps in order to properly set up eShopCONNECTED Windows Service.

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