Engage Your Online Customers via Live Technical Support!

Deliver an outstanding and fast customer service to your online customers by addressing their problems, realtime! The Live Customer Support along with Connected Business eCommerce Support page is an initiative to help quickly resolve any online customer issues by speaking to a live technical representative!

Direct Agent Access to Customer Website URL. Your customers can make use of the request code found at the bottom part of the website if they encounter problems in your website. These request codes are unique for every web user since it recognizes user accounts. With this, your customers can call the company’s support hotline and provide the request code to the technical service rep to pull up their record. Store administrators or customer agents can verify the request code and the customer by tracking it from the eCommerce module > Tools > Active Shoppers.

The Active Shoppers window lists all the customers and guests who are currently accessing your webstore. You may look into the customer’s problem by clicking on the customer and click on the Support button from the menu options. From there, you will be re-directed to the website.

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Integrated Case Management. Once the call is verified as an issue, the customer service agent can create a case directly from the Active Shoppers window by clicking on the Convert to Case button. Some of the fields in the case form are automatically pre-filled such as the customer’s contact information and address. The agent may need to fill up other important details that best describes the case.

In Connected Business, cases are integrated seamlessly from the website and at the back-end. This means that any case updates from Connected Business will automatically reflect on the website’s support page, realtime! This allows customers to easily track the status of their submitted cases or concerns whether if it is not started, in progress, completed or cancelled.

Cases can be created either from the Case form of the CRM module or from the Customer Support page of the website.

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The live customer support in addition to the customer support portal helps your business create an engaging relationship between you and your customers. Not only that your customer gets utmost satisfaction as they get to have their issues resolved fast and efficiently, you also get to retain your customers! Happy customer means customer loyalty, and customer loyalty means increase in business revenue!

For more information on this topic, please refer to the Live Supportonline documentation.