Enable Your Website's Mobile Version for Selected Devices

Great day everyone! Today's technological advancement moves us from the era of accessing the World Wide Web from the desktop to mobile devices. Such devices like tablets and smartphones are key to one's mobility. These are viable tools for businessmen to always be ready to close a sale wherever and whenever the opportunity comes.

Connected Business introduces the integrated eCommerce Modulewhich works seamlessly with the rest of the Connected Business Modules, keeping your business up-to-date with real-time data and its intuitive design lets you perform your sales processes with ease.

One of the key features of Connected Business eCommercewebstore is its ability to detect whether the webstore is accessed through a mobile device and load a mobile version of your webstore. With this functionality, your webstore is not only desktop computer-friendly but also primed for mobile devices as well.

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To maximize this functionality and customize which devices the mobile version of your webstore will be displayed, look for the mobile.config fileinside the mobile folder of your webstore.

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Open the mobile.config file via your preferred html editor or Notepad. The mobile.config file contains settings that enable your webstore to load its mobile version when accessed through a set of specified devices. 

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The list of mobile devices that your webstore will load its mobile version for is in the string "add key="Device Support" line. In the "Value" attribute, add or remove User Agent Strings (iPad, blackberry, etc.) to enable or disable loading of your webstore's mobile version for such devices.

User Agent String Explained

Whenever a browser accesses a website, it sends a series of information to the server hosting the website being accessed. These information is called the User Agent String; it indicates which browser and its version you are using and the details about your system such as your operating system and its version. The User Agent String being sent to currently accessed websites provides content unique only for your browser. 

The User Agent String you will input on the DeviceSupport line inside the mobile.config file will determine to what devices the mobile version of your webstore will be available for. You may also toggle to view the full version of the webstore.

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Each User Agent String contains a keyword that defines which deviceit is running from (i.e iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, etc). The nature of these device keywords inside User Agent Strings is that they are not found in one fixed place inside its syntax, but every User Agent Stringcontains its device keyword and this keyword is what we need to place inside the "DeviceSupport" "Value" line. To view a list of the latest User Agent Strings, click the following User Agent Strings link.

For more information, please refer to the Enable Webstore Mobile Version online documentation.