Easily Migrate Reports into Connected Business

There are a lot of features inside the Reports Center that have robust capabilities in making your report-making processes a lot easier. Our Report Migration Tool is an automated tool that reduces time and effort to move reports from one system to another thereby no additional cost is incurred while on the migration process.

For those who have been using Interprise Suite and wanted to upgrade to Connected Business, you need to migrate all of your reports to Connected Business system in order for you to still make use of your reports. This is a must since the reporting platform used in Interprise Suite is entirely different in Connected Business. Once upgraded to Connected Business, this tool is readily available and can process with just few clicks of migrating reports.

The Report Migration feature, a powerful business solution that allows you to look for Interprise Solutions custom reports and lists them down inside the List of Available Old Reports section, and lets you choose from the list the reports you want to migrate to Connected Business using the arrow buttons at the middle of the form.

You can access the Migration Tool by clicking the Report Center from any Connected Business module. Select any report (existing or new report) from the Report Explorer pane and then click on Edit button. Once a report is in the design mode, the report tools will be displayed on the menu option. Click on Report Migration from the menu, the Report Migration Manager will be displayed.

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Once you have already finalized the list of reports you want to migrate (and you can migrate multiple reports from the list), then you click theUpgrade button to start the process. Once the report is successfully migrated, you will now be able to use the report.

For more information on this topic, please refer to the online documentation about how to Migrate Reports.

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