Direct Payment within Order and Invoice Forms

Create Payments Faster through Paying within Sales Order / Invoice Form

The Connected Business team never stops creating and developing more substantial features. We are constantly developing our product in order for you to maximize business potential in getting sales and profits as well as keep your business organized.

This blog demonstrates on how to create payments, within the Sales Order or Sales Invoice form. Aside from creating customer direct payments through the receipts, we have added a feature in creating payments through the sales order or invoice forms. With this enhancement, you no longer need to move around from one form to another just to create a payment. May it be cash, check or credit card; it easily creates payment for a specific order or invoice.

In addition, the process behind the payments is the same for both options. For instance, when a sales invoice is posted, the payment will then be reflected in the Transaction ledger.

Direct Payment Creation on the Sales Order or Invoice Forms

To add a payment for a sales order, open a new order by navigating through the Customer module > Order > New Order. To open a new invoice, click on the Customer module > Invoice > New Invoice. Select on the list of Bill to Customers or Ship to Customers.

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Once you have created an order/invoice with inventory item, click on the Enter Payment button > Add Payment. The Payment form will then be displayed.

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Click Yes on the pop-up form. Enter the amount to be paid on the Amount Paid section. You can either pay through cash, check or credit card.

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If you want to know more on creating customer payments through cash, check or credit card, refer to Create Customer Payments.

After an amount is entered, you may now save the payment. You will then notice that a new receipt has been made for the sales order.

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However, for sales invoices, as I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, when it is posted, the receipt attached to it will be reflected in the Transaction ledger.


View Payments in a Single Repository

Payments on a specific order or invoice can be easily viewed through clicking the Enter Payment button > View Payment. The receipt for the order or invoice will be reflected on the payment form.

Payments created from Receipt > New Receipt and allocated to invoice will not be shown on Enter Payment > View Payment form.

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Moreover, if you want to view all the payments made by the customer, navigate through Receipt > Find Receipt.

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