Cross Channel Engagement: Challenges and Rewards

We've already talked about the idea of a new buyer's journey, and how the Internet has reframed the way a shopper interacts with your brand from beginning to end. One crucial aspect of this phenomenon is the way customers switch between different modes when they are interacting with brands. This may mean switching from shopping with a desktop or smartphone to visiting a physical store. But the switch may also involve the way they handle payments, find great deals, or review products.

Tech publication ZDNet illustrated the proliferation of these customer touchpoints. It is causing significant challenges to marketing teams on how to create a sustained, long-term engagement beyond the shopper's first contact. A fully integrated business platform such as Connected Businessanticipates all these potential touchpoints, and delivers the kind of seamless shopping experience that encourages brand loyalty.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, "Offering a great user experience across all channels helps build trust and loyalty, and encourages users to engage with that same organization in the future."

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