Creating Search Screens Made Easier with the Search Manager

Hello everyone! As many of you would like to know how the Connected Business' Search Manager works, this blog post is for you. The Search Manager has been developed to help businesses or individuals create their own, customized data to be viewed easily within Connected Business.

For instance, if you would like to have a dashboard that automatically displays and consists only of customers whose address is from Los Angeles county. You don't need to go all over the list of your customer records just to show or filter customers from Los Angeles. That's when Search Manager comes in.

It allows the user to configure predefined filters that can be used as dashboards in most of the modules or even apply as a content on a new menu item. There is no need for you to create lengthy programming codes to create a search screen or dashboard.

The custom searches within the Search Manager are developed intuitively in such a way that searches are streamlined and integrated from and within a single environment. The workflow can be easily grasped and is efficient for use making it convenient for you to find what you're looking for, no dilly-dallying!


The Flexibility of Managing User Roles. In the first process, you can control who can access the custom searches by assigning the role codes, departments or teams(to name a few). This is designed to easily manage the information that would be available for a specific individual or group.

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In the Search Mapping field, a role code must be assigned to be used for the user filter tab.

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With all the role codes setup, you can then create a new custom search through the Search Manager within the System Manager module. In the user filter, determine the specifics and further refine your search through the Search Filter tab. The Search Results tab would then display the output of your search, this will be the final result that will be displayed in the dashboard or menu item.

The snapshot below is a sample dashboard of customized search.

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For a step by step information on this process, you may refer to our online documentation. Click this Search Manager documentation to know more.

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