Create Data Feeds For Your Products

In this blog post, you will learn how to create, process and set up data feeds and feed specifications for your preferred shopping engine such as Bing, Google, ShopZilla, theFind, etc.

The Data Feeds Wizard in the eCommerce module simplifies the process of creating product feeds and specifications to multiple shopping engines. The field names in Connected Business can be readily mapped to the requirement of your preferred shopping engine.

To create data feeds, access the Data Feeds Wizard by going to eCommerce module ► Setup ► Data Feeds Export. In the Data Feeds Wizard, create data feeds by using an existing template or create a new one. When you want to use an existing template, you may select on the available shopping engines such as Become FeedBingShopping feeds, Google Base feeds, Shopzilla feed, theFind feeds. Then, click Next button to continue.

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On the Data Feeds Template page, the field names are the fields used in Connected Business which is mapped to the custom fields names required for a specific shopping engine. Click Start Export button below the field names to start exporting the data.

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Save the excel format file on your local PC. Then click Finish button to close the Data Feeds Wizard.

To create a new data feed for a specific shopping engine, tick on the Create New Template option and specify the name of the template. Click Next to continue.

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On the Create Template page, select the Language on the drop down menu. The exported content will be used to the selected country and language. On the Available Product Info panel, select the column name you want to include. Notice that the ItemCode and ItemNamecolumns are already available for you; however, these fields can't be deleted. Click Save Template button to apply the changes.

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After making the changes in the template, export the data by using the Use Existing Template option and follow the same procedure stated above. Once the template is saved, you can no longer edit or modify any fields. What you can do is delete the template and create a new one.

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For more information on this topic, refer to our Data Feeds online documentation.

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