Control Connected Business Users' Access to Specific Reports

Great day everyone! For businesses who use SaaS like Connected Business, it is important to control and manage who are allowed or not allowed to access and modify business reports. There are a lot of critically considered information such as sales, bank account information and payments made for every transaction that should be restricted at some point to a Connected Business user. This blog will discuss on how you will define the accessibility of your Connected Business users from the whole parent report or any specific report.

The User Role form within the Report Center is designed to address these business needs. This feature allows the Connected Businessadministrator to control which user account can view and/or modify reports, from the parent folder of the report down to the very specific report. You can also add as many role codes within your organization or even remove them if there is no need for the specific role code to access the report.

From the Report Center, click on the button at the menu options bar termed as the User Role button.

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From the User Role form that will be displayed, we can select from the Report Explorer the form/s we want to define user role access to.

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We can also select folders and define user role access to it and all the contents inside the selected folders.

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From the User Role form, each Role Code field has a dropdown button that lets us choose from the available roles codes in Connected Business.

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Let's select one or select all of the available user roles and click OK to define access level to the selected report of each role codes.

From the User Role form you can check or uncheck each checkbox under the Visible and Allow Designer column fields.

    • Visible – allows the selected role code to view the report or the reports included from the parent report folder.
    • Allow Designer – allows the selected role code to modify content to the report or the reports included from the parent report folder.

Place a check on the respective checkbox to enable user role access, or uncheck to disable. For this example, we will try disabling the designer access of all accounts to our report.

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Click Save and Close from the menu options bar to continue. Now we will try accessing the Report Designer for our selected report. To do this, we will select our report and click Edit from the menu options bar.

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Since the Allow Designer option is unchecked, editing the Report using the Report Designer cannot be accessed. This is also applicable for other Connected Business role codes whose access is restricted. 

For more information on this topic, please refer to the Manage User Roles documentation. 

We have conducted a webinar on the discussed topic, titled "Creating Reports in Connected Business For Really Smart Dummies" on January 28 and the User Role feature is briefly discussed here. To view the webinar video, click this link.