Connected Business User Role Enhancements

In Connected Business 13.1.2, we have added multitude of enhancements and bug fixes particularly on the User Role form which allows you to flexibly customize forms, tabs, sections and many more.

The following are the recent enhancements made on the User Role:

Create or Assign a Custom Table to a User Role Menu

In the lower versions of Connected Business, creating a custom table is only possible by navigating to the Data Dictionary and assign or create a custom table through the User Role. With the latest version as stated above, you can now create a custom field directly from any new or existing menus in the selected module on the User Role form.

When you click the Create Custom Table on the options, it will automatically display the Custom Field Wizard.
If you have an existing custom table, you may click on the Click Custom Table on the options. The custom table will be automatically assigned to the selected menu.

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Recover Unused Plugin

You may now be able to recover and attach unused plug-ins in cases where your system automatically shuts down. If the system detects an unused plugin, the Recover Unused Plugin option will be enabled and allows you to use the unused plugin. To do this, just click on the Customize button on any tab pages and select Recover Unused Plugin. The Unused Plugin form will be displayed with the list of unused plugins.

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Click on Recover Pluginbutton and confirm changes to add the plugin back to the plugin list.

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You can check if the recovered plugin is added back in the plugin list by clicking Customize ► Add Plugin and the plugin list will be displayed.

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Add Plugin Container inside a Plugin

In Connected Business, you can now add a plugin container inside another plugin container. This allows you to have one or more plugin containers in the same container.

To add a plugin container inside another plugin container, add a custom tab or open an existing tab in the menu form and add a plugin. Right click anywhere in the plugin container and select Customize Layoutoption. The Customization form will be displayed.

Click and drag the Plugin Containeroption to an area in the container where you want to place the other plugin container. Close the Customization form. Notice that the second plugin container is now added inside the first container.

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If you want to add more plugin containers in the same container, just do steps 2 -4 to the newly added containers.

For more information on these enhancements, refer to our User Role Customization Enhancements online documentation.